Australian immigration investment program

A Guide to Australian immigration Investment Program

Australia has a great investment potential and it offers you a chance to benefit from it by investing in its government bonds. An investor who can put a minimum of one and half million dollars in Australia can apply for a permanent residence visa in the country. The objective of the country is to attract wealthy individuals from across the world to invest in the development projects and help uplift the economy.

No matter how much you invest in the country, Australia will not grant the visa at the very first stage of your investment. It follows a methodological principle to grant permission to the investor applicants to reside permanently in the nation.

The gateway to Australian immigration investment program is the short term investor and visa (subclass 188) which is valid for a period of 4 years. An investor needs to obtain exception gains through his investment in the country. If successful, the investor will be eligible to get the permanent investor visa (subclass 888).

According to the money worth of the investment, the temporary visa has fourstreams, namely:

  • Australian investor stream: An investor needs to be nominated by the government of Australia to be eligible for this stream. At least 1.5 million Australian dollars needs to be invested in either in a fresh start-up or an already operational business in Australia.
  • Significant investor visa: Amount of minimum 5 million Australian Dollars is needed to be invested in a new or existing business in Australia. Either the government or the Australian Trade Commission should have nominated the applicant. The 5 M AUD should be divided in the following way.500k AUD is to be invested in a venture capital or a private equity funds which is meant for supporting new start-ups.Investment companies or managed funds should get an allocation of 1.5M AUD and lastly 3M AUD in asset investing companies.
  • Premium investor visa: Amount of minimum 15M AUD has to be invested. The success rate of applicants through this stream is tough as the government targets investors with high expertise. Hence only individuals receiving an invitation to apply can submit their application for this visa.
  • Business innovation: This stream does not have any specific limit. An individual willing to open a new business in the country and is nominated by the government can apply for this visa.

Participation in the management of the business is mandatory in all the above streams.

Investment Visa Australia requirements for the temporary visas are:

  • Investor should be of less than 55 years of age.
  • His English skills should be fluent.
  • He should not have a criminal record
  • He should own net assets which brings him an annual income of at least 2.25 M AUD.
  • He should have relevant experience in a business for minimum 5 years.

The temporary visa can be converted to a permanent one only if the investments made in the past 4 years show an excellent result in benefit of the economy. The individual should still be sponsored by the government and he should intend to maintain his investment in Australia. If the individual breaks any of the laws of the country and has not lived in Australia for minimum of 2 out of 4 years, he will not get a permanent residence visa in the country.

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