Australia immigration from India

Why is it Hard to Obtain an Australian PR Now?

People are quite perplexed now about how to get an Australia immigration from India and how their visa application will be accepted for a 189-visa corresponding to the number of occupational ceilings. These many numbers of ceilings, decide how many candidates may be chosen for PR. So, earlier for any kind of occupation, a point score of 60 was sufficient for the candidate’s EOI to be accepted and for him to receive a letter of intent to immigrate. But there are some profiles which are on top most priority now in Australia. So, for these profiles, the expression of interest accepted are much more than those received. As such, the accepting point score for these profiles is 65.

The demand for immigration to this country has also increased because due to the presidency of Donald Trump, it’s not easier for some folks to immigrate to the USA. This has increased the competition for people who are looking to immigrate under permanent residency to Australia.

For example, in the case of pivotal profiles, like those of an accountant, the government, has increased the number of acceptable EOIs i.e. the occupational ceiling. The government has increased the number of EOIs to be accepted by 91% from 2,500 to 4,785 which is quite pleasing. So, who says that it has become tough to get Australia skilled visa 189.

However, the competition has become stiffer in the case of the profile of “Auditors, Company Secretaries, and Corporate Treasurers”, the occupational ceiling has been reduced from 1,413 to 1,327 which is a 6%, with the government accepting lesser number of EOIS in this category now, its tough to get a visa.  There has also been an increase in the demand for software and application programmers from 5,662 in 2016-17to 6,202 getting invited in 2017-2018. However again the competition has become stiffer in the category of Computer Network Professionals to whom the number of EOIS to be accepted in the 2017-2018 has reduced by 8%.

There has however been a decline in the limit for the number of EOIs to be accepted for the non-pro rata occupations. These are those occupations which are not so much in demand.

In fact, due to these the visa applications have to be made for these seats as soon as possible before the available quota expires. When discussing the occupational ceilings for the non pro-rata applications for the permanent residency to Australia visa scheme, the limit has been decreased from 4,421 to 2,896. This a straightaway decrease of 34% in the acceptable number of visa applications for such professions.

There was a work permit scheme earlier, in which it was possible to work and live in any region of Australia, called visa 457.Now, it has been completely removed and replaced by a different scheme, called the temporary skilled shortage visa 482 scheme.

Under visa, 457 it was possible to live in this region up to a period of 4 years provided an employer had given you sponsorship for a job. Now, under the temporary skilled shortage visa, it’s not possible to stay in Australia altogether for a period of 4 years. Under the short-term stream of this visa, you can only stay in this country on employer sponsorship for two years. An employer can still nominate you for 4 years under the medium term stream of this visa if your occupation is on MLTSSL. So, all the points which were gained due to 4 years residence in Australia, on 457 are now tougher to obtain.

With a residence of 4 years as a skilled employee in Australia, 10 points could be earned under the permanent residency to Australia visa scheme. So, that’s how it the procedure for Australia immigration from India has become quite complicated.

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