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Is It Necessary for a Spouse to Have a Husband’s Surname on a Passport If We Plan to Apply for a Canadian Pr

Yes, no difficulties arise even if husband’s surname is not mentioned on the passport used for application for Canadian PR. Its important to have the marriage certificate ready for you to be approved for Canada immigration. So, for your Canada visa application to be approved, you can immigrate along with your husband without having his surname on the passport. Just a photostat copy of this marriage certificate should be provided with the Express Entry application, nothing else.

A main applicant can get considerable benefit when his/her spouse is ready to immigrate with him or her. This implies that he can score extra express entry points for the qualifications of the spouse. If your spouse has pursued 2 year of primary or high schooling education from Canada, then the applicable points are 5. Another way to score points through including a spouse in the express entry application if the relative of a spouse lives in Canada as a citizen or Canada PR holder. If this relative is more than 18 years of age, then 5 points are awarded for that too.

The language abilities of the spouse also matter. If he/she has scored a score of CLB 4 in one of the languages of French or English, 5 extra express entry points are awarded to the main applicant. This standard of CLB 4 corresponds to an average score of 4.0 in writing and speaking, and 4.5 in listening and 3.5 in reading.

In French, these test results correspond to the following score ranges in TEF(Test d’évaluation de français).




Speaking :181-225

The work experience of a spouse in Canada if it is of a minimum duration of 1 year can also result in awarding 5 points. However, one cant get more than 10 points for all the qualitative factors of the spouse mentioned above.

The marriage certificate should be registered in India or any other place wherever you got married. If you already hold the Canada permanent residency and are sponsoring your spouse for coming there, there are some requirements to be met by you.

For the Canada immigration visa application to get approved as a sponsor, you should have financial resources to meet the expenses of your wife after she gets Canada PR and her arrival in Canada. Even if payments are taken from government in the form of social assistance to meet the spouse’s requirements, its better to repay them to the government. A sponsor has to fill the form IMM 0008 for the sponsored to apply for his/her Canada immigration. For providing all the details of the relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored, form no IMM 5532 is to be filled which asks for the employment details of the sponsor. This form for Canada immigration also requires knowledge about the start of the relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored like where they initially met. At Nile immigration, we can make sure that you are easily able to sponsor your spouse for Express Entry system.

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