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How to get the Canada express entry visa from India ?

You have to work hard to get the Canada express entry visa from India. This visa has several requirements.

As per the current requirements of 451, a candidate must have a lot of qualities. He should have a bachelor’s degree, work experience, and reasonable language skills. Then it depends on which province chooses him once his profile enters the Express Entry Pool.

How do candidates get selected from the Express Entry Pool?

After applying to Express Entry, he might have to apply to a province which sends him a Notification of Interest. For example, Ontario has the Human capital priorities stream. This stream first requires someone to apply to the Express Entry.  Then the government of Ontario looks in the pool for those candidates whose Express Entry score is more than 400. Then as soon as the candidate is selected, he gets the Notification of Interest. He has to then proceed within 45 days to apply to the OINP efiling portal.

In this case, a candidate has to apply to the Express Entry and then to the PNP program website, once he has been selected. The candidate has to pay application fees of 1,500 CAD to apply to the OINP efiling portal.

After this application, you will get the provincial nomination certificate or the OINP certificate of nomination. After you get this certificate, you can then use it to file your IRCC Express Entry application.

You will get 600 points extra for the OINP certificate of nomination. To be selected by the OINP, since the candidate must have 400 points, he must have a bachelor’s degree.

When a candidate has not applied to the Express Entry Pool?

Manitoba has a separate application route. It does not require an application through the Express Entry first. You can apply through the MPNP portal. You have to create an Expression Of Interest on this website.

If a candidate has the relevant number of points, a candidate gets the Letter of Advice to Apply. He can then apply for the Manitoba provincial nominee program. He has 60 days to provide his documents and gets the acknowledgment of receipt(AOR) for documents. If he is selected, he gets the approval letter and then applies for the Express Entry. Only those candidates get selected who have a relative(distant or close) living there.  Manitoba connection is important, either through a relative or if you have gained some education or experience from this place in the past. You have to prove your connection to Manitoba through documents. These documents include the work experience, the birth certificate, and passport, etc.

These relatives must have the permanent resident card of Manitoba. Manitoba has its own point grid for immigration here. As per this point grid, a candidate should not be more than 49 years old.

Work experience of less than 1 year is not given any points.

A candidate must have 60/100 points in order to be applicable for immigration here.

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