Nova Scotia visa

How to Immigrate to Nova Scotia?

Ever considered living in a small province of Canada, leading a simple life? If so, the Nova Scotia is your dream destination. The procedure to procure visa for the province is not a tough task. Following the standard protocol, you can easily seek Nova Scotia Visa. Nova Scotia has many places to grab your attention. You can fall asleep watching AuroraBorealis (northern lights in the sky) at Halls harbour or Bay of Fundy Shores in the province. Or you could plan trek adventures to mesmerizing snow-capped mountains in Cape Breton Highlands. During Autumn season, the country puts brilliant shades of crimson on display.

How to seek Nova Scotia Visa?

To procure Nova Scotia visa, you need to apply in Nova Scotia Express Entry. With this protocol, the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) committee decides which skilled worker can be allowed for permanent residency in the country. With the help of Nova Scotia Nominee Program, you can seek Nova Scotia immigration permitat a faster rate. With the Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Certificate, your application will be processed at a higher priority. The program has been divided into five categories namely Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry, Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry, Skilled worker Stream, Family Business Worker Stream, Entrepreneur Stream.

Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry is for skilled individuals who have post-secondary education and other qualifications. The candidates are expected to have at least a year of work experience. Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry is for skilled individuals who have been working under a Nova Scotia employer for at least a year.  Skilled worker stream is for those candidates who have skills which are limited in Nova Scotia. Family Business Worker Stream is to provide visa to those candidates who have been hired by their relatives in Nova Scotia. Entrepreneur Stream is for individuals who own a business and have net worth of at least $400, 000 Canadian Dollars.

Meeting the Eligibility Criterion

The very first thing to ensure is that you need to have your profile registered under the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) program. You need to have a minimum score of 67 to qualify for the program. To apply for Nova Scotia Visa, a full time work experience of one year is the minimum requirement. The candidate is expected to be proficient in either English or French. To prove their proficiency, the candidate can show certifications with a minimum score of seven. The candidate has to prove that they have enough financial resources to survive in Nova Scotia.

These criterions have to be met by the candidate if applying for any of the categories mentioned in the article above. If the candidate meets the eligibility criteria, they can easily see the Nova Scotia visa.

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