Immigration Journey to Canada – The Land of Dreams!

Canada is amongst the popular G-7 Nations and of course the second largest country in the world. The population of the country figures approximately 30 million people. It is a highly developed nation that offers exceptional working conditions and superior education system to the residents and immigrants. With a very high standard of living and a health care system Canadian economy is ranked one of the best in the world. Canada holds positive immigration policies and the government of Canada plans to admit over 200,000 immigrants every year.

Elite Reasons for Canada Migration

  • Canadian Citizenship assured in three years on arrival in Canada PR
  • Migration gateways for skilled workers as well as investors
  • Lucky chances in the IT sector for software professionals
  • Easy approach to the US and Mexico markets as per the NAFTA Agreement
  • Favors dual citizenship
  • Designate to government welfare benefits (like free medical facilities, free education, old age insurance, unemployment insurance etc.)
  • Migrate and settle with family
  • Free education and medical facilities
  • Slightest of regulations by the government regulations in starting your own business
  • One of the best country to live in according to the United Nations


Canada is a country that comprise of immigrants from every corner of the world. The success of the nation majorly depends upon the contributions made by the migrants who come – work and settle here. The diversified backgrounds and cultures of the immigrants make Canada unique. Multiculturalism is promoted and maintained so that migrants consider it as the hottest destination for permanent migration.

Health & Childcare Benefits

Canada offers best health care systems in the whole world. There are highly accomplished hospitals and clinics offering services free to the registered Canadian residents. A defined amount is sanctioned by the Federal and Provincial governments, monthly basis for upbringing of individual child.

Welfare Programs & Pension Plans

The economy of Canada shows concerns for its citizens. There are number of social welfare programs accorded by the state that includes free healthcare campaigns, education up to 12th standard etc. A Canadian resident is entitled to receive retirement pension under the Canadian Pension Plan.

Education Schemes

Acquiring high quality education is of prime importance in current time. Canada offers better education system that will craft your child future to build a great future. The public schools of the country offer free education till 12th class.

Besides, Canadian government offers pension to the old age people that depends on their residing years in Canada. There is a provision of social welfare allowance for those are jobless. A resident of the country is entitled 60% of the last wages drawn in a scenario of job lay off.

No matter, from which corner of the world you come from, once you arrive to the “Maple Leaf Country” you enjoy all the rights of a Canadian citizen. If you wish to live in Canada and acquire citizenship, for that you need to live in Canada for three years. So what are you waiting for? Get set go for Canada Immigration.

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