Immigration To Quebec Via Skilled Worker Program

Quebec is a province in Canada that is culturally distinct and the only principally francophone Canadian province. The chance of a candidate for being chosen by Quebec is dependenton her / his willingness to work and settle in the province and adapt to life there.

Quebec has the legality to define its own criteria for selecting immigrants since 1991, ever since the signing of Canada-Quebec accord. The Quebec Skilled Worker Program is designed to determine which applicants are eligible to become economically settled after immigrating to Quebec.

Applicants for Skilled Worker (Professional) Program who intend to settle in any city in Quebec are evaluated as per a system different from applicants desiring to settle elsewhere in Canada. This is done via the program called as Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP).

The MIDI is the Immigration Department of the Quebec government and has announced that it will consider 5000 new applications under the QSWP in a period of intake prior to March 31, 2018, though exact details remain unclear.

CSQ (Certificate de sélection du Québec) is the document issued to applicants who are successful for being granted immigration to Quebec. If you get hold of a CSQ, you can apply for PR (PermanentResidency) to the federal government. But CSQ is not equivalent to PR visa and cannot be used for entry to Canada.

Mon Project Quebec is an online system for submission of applications as per QSWP. This is the first Quebec skilled worker immigration application form.Those who want to apply for QSWP must,first of all, register an account on Mon Project Quebec and fill in a profile for the application. Mon Project Quebec permits candidates to finish applying for CSQ, make an online payment, track the status of the application, include updations in their application and gain access to personal messaging electronically.

CSQ can be followed by a Canadian PR (Immigration visa). Applicants for QSWP are evaluated based on different factors of selection compared to the Federal Skilled Worker Class but are granted Canadian PR after suitable checks on criminal and medical background

For qualifying to a CSQ, one must score sufficient points under the immigration selection system of Quebec. An unmarried single must score a minimum of 50 points on the basis of this system. But a married person or one with common-law partner needs to score a minimum 59 points.

The QSWP factors for selection based on points are as follows:

  • Education –up to 14 points
  • Field of training-up to 12 points
  • Valid offer of employment- up to 10 points
  • Work experience- up to 8 points
  • Proficiency in language- up to 22 points
  • Age- up to 16 points
  • Family and stay in Quebec- up to 8 points
  • Presence of dependent children- up to 8 points
  • Financial self- sufficiency- 1 point
  • Characteristics of spouse/partner-up to 17 points.

For QSWP, you are required to submit certified true copies of documents and Language Test Results. Processing time for QSWP may vary from one visa office to another. Processing fees for Quebec regular skilled worker program for 2017, amounts to CAD $779 for principal applicant.


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