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Increase in Cut Off Points for General Skilled Migration Programs From 60 to 65

It’s a startling news for all the General Skilled Migration candidates who are awaiting their Australian invitation for PR. It’s true that the Department of Home Affairs is going to increase the cut-off point requirement from 60 to 65 points. So, you should only wait for an invite now, when the score with which you filed your Expression of Interest either for the 189 or 190 visa, was 65 or more. This change is going to affect so many Australia PR aspirants.

Now, how to achieve this heightened point score:

Opt for a better score in English: The candidates can either opt for the PTE Academic to get 10 points provided to them for Proficient English levels. Alternatively, to prove this much proficiency in English, a score of 7 must be taken in every one of the 4 IELTS bands. These levels of English are needed for both the, 189 visa,489 visa and the 190 visa EOIs now.

Change in partner’s age: The age of the partner of the main applicants for the 189 visa is going to be reduced to 45 years from 50 years. Earlier this change was only implemented for the main applicant, now this age limit is also applicable for the partner.

The partner points for competent English levels and skill assessment(5 points) can only be obtained now, once the partner has not yet become 45 years old. The reduction of the maximum age for the partner to get points will only be applicable from 1st July.

So, from 1st July you can’t get any points for your partner qualifications if he is more than 45 years of age. The reason due to which such a decrease in the age of partner has happened is because the government thinks that if your partner is 50 years old, then he might not be a part of the Australian workforce and become a trouble. So, to reduce any such possibilities, the government is only allowing immigrants of a lower age now to get points.

The government knows that the chances of using the Medicare in Australia of the immigrants aged more than 50 are higher than those who have not turned 45. The higher use of Medicare by such people has been revealed in a report issued by the Productivity Commission of Australia.

Reducing the maximum age of partners is also for their own betterment because otherwise, they won’t be able to find secure employment in this country. At 50, you have lower chances of getting a job than at 45.

Problems which will happen due to such increase of points

This kind of points increase is also going to pose major problems for the 489 visa aspirants. These visa aspirants can get the visa once they have them, 65 points after getting the nomination from a state government or from an Australian relative.  So, for them, also, the requirements of English have increased up to four, 7  bands in the IELTS test. The only way, the aspirants for the 489 visa can avoid the 65 points requirement, is when they have already been in Australia for 2 years on a provisional visa at the time, they are doing filing for the 489 visa.

This increase in points for all the general skilled migration category visas is going to affect the influx of immigrants to this country.

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