India Got the Highest Express Entry Invites in 2017

India is easily the favorite country of Canada for choosing immigrants. It’s true that in 2017, Canada gave the maximum number of invites to us. This number was 36,310 which is more than the number of invites sent to China(almost 7,500) which was in the second position. The 3rd country which got the highest immigrants is Nigeria with 5,310 express entry invites provided.

India set a new record in Express Entry

India has actually grabbed 42% of the invites sent in totality(86,022). Out of these invites sent, the number of PRs issued was 65,401. This number constituted of almost 27,000 Indians who were accepted for PR in Canada. So, Indians have managed to retain their top position as one of the biggest ethnic communities residing in Canada.

Such high number of Express Entry invites are in tandem with the declaration made by Canada that it will accept 3,00,000 immigrants in 2017.

Compared to 2016, there has been a great rise in the number of Indians who have been invited to Canada for immigration. In 2016, this number was 11,037,  and last year in 2017, this number was 36,310, so this number has tripled. This also shows how enthusiastic Indians are about immigrating to Canada.

As far as the professions chosen for these Express Entry invites were concerned, IT professions were the preferred ones. A large percentage of such newly selected PR aspirants consisted of computer programmers, software engineers, Information system analysts and even lecturers from Indian universities. The top 3 spots of the list of the “largest invites received by a single profession” are occupied by IT professions of NOC codes, 2171, 2173 and 2174.

If the statistics are analyzed, the NOC code of 2171 of “Information System analysts and consultants” was a clear favorite of IRCC. These professionals received the maximum ITAs(5,214) and the next in the list was the NOC code of “Software Engineers”(NOC code 2173) who were given 4,782 invites. The third in the list was “Computer Programmers” who got 3,479 invites. So, clearly, Indian IT professionals are the best when it comes to Canada.

The last 2 positions out of the top 5 positions were occupied by Finance and Operations professionals where the chosen ones were “Financial Auditors and Accountants” and the 5th profile was of “Administrative Assistants”. So, clearly, if you are well educated in these domains, you have Canada immigration waiting for you.

Choice of provinces by immigrants

The candidates were clearly in favor of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia when it came to choosing provinces for immigration. In fact, out of all the applications filed, 67% were for Ontario immigration.

However, this report did not include the numbers who chose Quebec as their province for immigration.

How much time to wait for Canada PR processing?

Canada immigration authority(IRCC) has worked day and night in 2017 to make sure that the immigration applicants get the fastest processing time as compared to before. Hence last year, the applicants, got to know whether they are denied or accepted in an average time span of 4 months. This time was even lesser for some applicants. This record 4 months were taken in processing of applications related to the Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker immigration streams.

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