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How An Indian Citizen Canget The Australian PR?

Australia is one of the hotspots for immigration, especially for Indians. The immigration system of Australia followsmuch-organised procedure with a point based system having several visa categories with slightly different requirements in each. The Department of Immigration of Border Protection (DIBP) has designed these visa categories, some of which allow permanent residency to the people applying under these categories.

If you have been working in India as a skilled worker, you will be eligible for applying to three key types of Australian Permanent Visa for PR.

The three visa categories are mentioned below:

  1. Skilled Independent (Subclass 189 visa): This visa is an independent type that does not need a nomination from any Australian territory or sponsorship from any Australian employer. 75 percent of the applicants in this category have their visa processed in a period of 8 months. 90 percent of the cases take about 11 months for processing. This category of visa is the most popular one. People who do not have a nomination, yet want to apply for Australian PR can apply through this category.
  2. State Nominated (Subclass 190 visa): This is yet another visa category that allows migrants from India to avail permanent residency in Australia. Under this category, as the name suggests, the person has to be nominated by an Australian state or territory to acquire permanent residency. This means that a nomination is mandatory from the government agency of a state or territory. It takes roughly 9 months for 75 percent of the applicants to have their visas processed. Although, 90 percent of the applicants have their visas processed in about 13 months.
  3. Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186 visa): This visa category is the last among the three visa categories that can provide permanent residency to immigrants. This particular permanent visa is employer sponsored. In order to be eligible for this visa category, the individual must have a job offer specifically from an Australian employer. The time taken for processing the visas in this category is about 7 months for 75 percent of the cases. Usually, it takes around 9 months for 90 percent of the applications to get processed.

The Easiest Way to Apply – Subclass 189

The Skilled Independent or the subclass 189 is the easiest to apply because it does not require a sponsorship/nomination from an Australian state or employer. Though, nominating an occupation from the list of the skilled occupation of Australia is necessary for this category. Along with the occupation selection, the experience and skills must also be at par with it.

In the point based system, submitting the EOI (Expression of Interest) is important in the SkillSelect System online. The applicant must avail a minimum of 60 points on the basis of factors like English Proficiency, age, work, experience, education, etc. But, a higher score is desirable for getting an ITA (Invitation to apply). After receiving the ITA, the visa application must be filed along with the necessary documents.

The key requirements for applying are:

  1. Creating a profile
  2. Submitting EOI with the documents:
  • IELTS (English Proficiency)
  • Skill Assessment Report

For the State Nomination Visa, the documents required are same as subclass 189. You will have to choose a state where you intend to move, apply for the nomination and then subsequently to the point based system.

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