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What Are the Initial Challenges of Settling in Canada?

It can be difficult for someone to be in Canada. The candidate should know that challenges always wait for you when you are trying to change your place of residence. There can be challenges faced in terms of:

Canada is a nice country, but the expenses here are high. The expenses can even be more once you are married and have a family which is accompanying you to this country.  However, you also have a better possibility to live here if you have a spouse to support you and his/her income.

The challenges, however, are not less, if you only going alone

Generally, the challenge to settle in a province also depends upon the situation there.

Weather in Canada

Eastern Canada has a lot of snowfall. The provinces like Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick and Ontario are situated here. Ontario is the best place to reside permanently in Eastern Canada because it has cities like Toronto.

The Canada climate is a challenge. It’s actually true that the climate here ranges from cold to hot. In the summers, the temperature can go up to 35 degrees to -25 degree in winter. However, southern Canada does not have such variations of temperature. Also, in the northern part of Canada, where British Columba is a perfect option for settlement because the weather has similarities to the UK. Vancouver which is in British climate has the most moderate temperature in Winter as compared to all the other cities in Canada.

Employment in Canada

The immigrants get into some trouble when they have to, get the jobs in this country.

The PR holders have to work hard for finding the right kind of accommodation also. The problem can be solved by doing some research for it, on the internet also. The candidate should know English well, even after being able to locate the right property. The knowledge of the language is required for being able to talk, about the property situated in Canada to a Canadian house owner.

The Canadian PR holder can also get to seek advice from the National Housing Authority of Canada about the properties available here.

The Canadian immigration holders, also have to work hard to make sure that they are able to, get the all the services for themselves.

These services are basic too, the existence of any permanent resident here. The Canadian PR holder should get in touch with the Social Service Department. If you are not able to communicate with the authorities, it’s better to get the help of interpreters for it.

How to drive in Canada?

The Canadian PR holders should know how they can use the transport services of this country. The PR holders, therefore, have to arrange a driver’s license to be able to commute in this country. You should know, the provincial government is responsible for providing you with a license.

The candidates can also drive using a license issued in the home country, but only for 12 months in Canada. You can only use this license for driving in Canada once you have the international driving permit along with it.

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