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Its simple to get the Express Entry visa from India

Canada Express Entry gets so many applicants all the time. It’s because this system has been implemented quite effectively. The Express Entry system draws in candidates through the provincial nominee programs. When you choose to live abroad, there are various things you have to change in your life. Canada makes sure you are able to adapt to life there. To get the Express Entry visa from India, you need to apply through an immigration consultancy. Once you enroll with them, you get to know your chances of being able to immigrate. 

Hence they guide you whether you should apply for Express Entry or not. Express Entry submits all the applications into the pool from where provinces have a chance of looking at them. Once you are selected by any province, you get the nomination certificate and hence the invitation to apply. 

Without getting the ITA, a candidate cannot get the Express Entry visa from India. The Canadian Express Entry has many benefits and you can get to become a citizen of the country after 3 years of living in Canada. Ontario is one province which picks eligible Express Entry profiles. 

Saskatchewan Expression of Interest system: Later application through Express Entry 

Saskatchewan, however, has quite different requirements. It requires the candidates to submit a valid expression of interest through its OASIS portal. After getting selected, there can be an application to the Express Entry system. 

Application to the Expression of interest has to be made for the International skilled worker: Occupations-In-Demand category. It does not require someone to be offered employment in this province, but it’s better to have work experience in the urgent occupations in this province. ECA is crucial for application to this system. 

ECA stands for educational credential assessment. There are currently, 24 occupations in the occupations in demand list of Saskatchewan. The candidates need to be aware which occupations require documentation and which need a license. For example, the profile of Accounting Technicians needs a 2-year diploma in accounting. An experience of 1 year is needed for such profiles. 

The candidate needs to apply using a fee of 300 CAD once they get the ITA from Saskatchewan. This fees will, however, increase to 350 CAD in Spring 2019. 

So, applying through Express Entry for this system is simple. 

With this application, you need to provide your documents also. These documents are checked and once they are verified, you get the provincial nomination certificate from SINP. To make an application after the ITA is received, you have 60 days. 

This is how applications are selected through the provincial nomination systems of different provinces. However, instead of applying through the Express Entry, the candidates apply through the OASIS portal or the portal of the specific province. 

Initial application through Express Entry 

The candidates can apply to Express Entry and then get selected through the French-speaking skilled worker stream. As per those candidates who have applied to the Express Entry system, and have a good French caliber, are selected by Ontario.  They get a Notification of Interest from Ontario and then you have to get the nomination from the Ontario government. The candidate has to then apply to the Express Entry system with the provincial nomination certificate from Ontario. 

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