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What are the kinds of Educational Benefits that Australian PR holders Receive?

Australia is considered one of the most qualitative places to pursue education. Therefore, there are many advantages for your children if as a family you decide to opt for Australia PR.

Why study in Australia?

The children of the Australia PR holders can study for free without paying any tuition fee in public schools of this country. However, the parents of such kids still need to pay for the purchase of stationary and uniform.

The Australia PR holders can also opt for their children to study in private schools run by specific religious groups such as Christians, Jews, and the benefit is that the fees are less. The parents should know that such schools include religious teachings in their syllabus. The examples of such schools are Catholic private schools in Australia.

The children of Australia PR holders also get a lot of benefits if they choose to study in Australia and pursue graduation. This is because the public universities in Australia are CSP (Commonwealth supported places) which provide subsidies in education to meritorious students. The costs of such subsidies are borne by the government and the rest of the payment known as the ‘student contribution amount’ is made by the students. Such amount is payable for every unit chosen by the student as a part of his course. The university chosen by the student lets him know whether he has been selected for the grant of the subsidy on his education.

The decision as to whether a student is eligible to receive such subsidies is taken by the respective university. ­­­­­However, such subsidies are not available for postgraduate courses at all universities. This help provided via subsidies by the Australian government is a part of the HELP(Higher Education Loans Program).

Australia PR holders also look forward to their children getting enrolled in schools offering IB diplomas at the age level 11-16 and 16-19. There are many public schools in Australia that offer such programs for the benefit of students so that they can be accepted in universities in Australia or in the rest of the world.

Financial loans

There are many financial loans available exclusively to those who have permanent residency in Australia. For example, there are the FEE-HELP loans which are available to those, who have enrolled themselves for education at an institution that provides such help. These loans are available to those permanent residency seekers who are trying to pursue more education to cover their gap of visa point-scores.

However, these Australia PR seekers should have a visa during the duration of their education covered by FEE-HELP loan like a student visa Australia. The students can borrow educational loans till a limit under this scheme. The limit on the amount which can be borrowed is $102,392. But for students who are pursuing dentistry, medicine and veterinary courses this limit has been raised to $127,992. The FEE-HELP loans are a major part of Australia scholarship program.

The limits on loan amounts mentioned here are the final limits and any reimbursement of the borrowed loan amounts does not need to any renewal of these limits. At Nile Migration, we help you in getting t

he most desirable Australia PR.

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