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What To Know About Comprehensive Ranking System Canada?

Globalization has opened the doors for several opportunities in the world market, offering a golden chance to all the skilled workforce scattered around the world. Now people can easily search for  several job opportunities in various multi national companies that are located in foreign nations.

Apart from job openings, people can also choose to migrate and settle in a foreign country in order to take certain benefits offered by that nation. Nowadays, many students are also opting to get enrolled in well-acclaimed foreign institutions for higher study purpose. But the immigration process related to applying under different visa categories for various countiries are quite complex.

There are certain new rules and procedures regarding visa programs that have been introduced recently by the government of Canada. One such process introduced is the all new Canada Express Entry system through which the officials select those candidates who are highly skilled and have proper knowledge related to a specific area or field.

What are the procedures under the Express Entry system?

The government of Canada receives numerous applications every year from various applicants who wants to apply for the visa programs for the country. These applicants are selected based on certain essential criteria which needs to be complied with first. The different programs under the express entry ranking system are as follows:-

  • Program for Skilled workers
  • Program for Skilled trades
  • Nominee program by Provincial states

All the candidates are required to submit their application forms duly filled and the officials arrange these applications in a pool. A process in conducted under which each of the candidates are given specific scores based on the applications submitted by them. This process is known as the Comprehensive ranking system under which certain points are assigned to the applicant’s profile.

How are scores assigned under the Comprehensive Ranking system?

The candidates are given scores under the comprehensive ranking system Canada as per the following crieteria :-

  • Depending upon the skill sets of the applicant
  • Educational qualifications
  • English proficiency skills and ability- both speaking as well as writing
  • Any prior work experience in an organization
  • A provinicial nomination provided by the state government
  • Job invitation or offer received by the candidate

The candidates who score the highest number of marks or points under the CRS are sent official invitations by the concerned authorities. These candidates also get the chance to apply for a permanenet resident card for Canada as well.

The procedure for assigning scores to the candidates under the CRS is also quite different from each other. Each applicant is divided as (1) Single without any partner, and (2) Applicants with spouse.

For candidates who fall under the category of Single Applicant, they are given upto 500 points based on certain factors like age, qualifications, experience, etc. Candidates who are accompanied by their spouses are given upto 460 points depending upon the human factors. Also points are assigned under the tranferability factor and other relevant factors too.

Prepare a good profile for yourself that will surely enhance the chances of you getting enrolled under the visa programs for Canada.

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