Let’s grant our oldies some immigration facility! copy

Let’s Grant our Oldies Some Immigration facility!

With the day to day progress in our fields and humbling on for the best we can, we are always fighting for our development. For one’s own progress we try to migrate to the development countries; one of which is Australia. But between these hassles we somewhere left behind our oldies. To take care of the aged people there are many kinds of Visas options that are being offered to them. The Aged parent Visa Australia is the term from which many of us are unaware of. The aged parents have numerous reasons for their immigration.

If parents are aged under 65 years and if they meet the test named as ‘balance of family’ which also bring us to the estimation that nowadays about 50% of the parents’ children are settled in Australia as permanent residents and also the aged parents can lodge a contributory parent Visa, but they will have to be outside Australia to do so. This type of advantage cum feature comes under aged parent Visa Australia of subclass 143 or 173 which is an offshore application. Making a non-refundable deposit to the Australian government is what the thing included in this parent Visa. The amount figured AUD$43,600 per migrating parent can be paid in full, or can be splitted into two parts for paying.  The approximate time span of 24 months is needed for the processing of this Visa. To request the contributory amounts the parents have passed health and police checks. When parents are granted with the Visa they become the permanent resident.

The offshore application aged parent Visa Australia has two options within it which states the if one of the parents is of age of 65 years or above that, and they entered Australia on a Visa which gives the allowance of lodging a parent Visa onshore which is a visitor or tourist Visa and the test named as ‘balance of family’ test then the parents can lodge an application whilst in Australia.

The application aged parent Visa Australia of subclass 804 is the non-contributory aged parent Visa which constituted then extremely long processing time of over 25 years, but until and unless the decision is made the parents can live in Australia. They will be holding the Bridging Visas A. Also, if they wish to depart from Australia on a temporary basis, they will have to apply for a Bridging Visa.

The parents aged above 65 years can also lodge a contributory parent Visa of subclass 864 on a valid Visa. This parent Visa too constitutes the making of a non-refundable deposit to the Australian government. This Visa is processed in approximate time span of 24 months. The contributory amounts are hence requested once the parents have passed their health and police checks and they become the permanent residents or citizens when the Visa is given to them.

Without the 8503 conditions if there is no option for aged parent to be able to obtain a visitor Visa, an offshore parent Visa needs the lodging by the aged parents. Now, the realistic option turns out to be the contributory parent Visa with the processing time of 25 years or more.

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