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Is Life in Canada Much Better Than India?

Canada is a pleasant place to reside. What makes life in Canada so different from India is the climate of this country and the development which has happened here. Immigration Canada is preferred because of the substantial number of jobs available here in cities like Vancouver and Calgary. The number of working hours is also regulated and don’t require an employee to work beyond the office hours. The country of Canada is lucky enough to witness low unemployment rates and high wages which is a proof that the economy here is developing fast.

However, it’s important to state the right National occupational code(NOC) which should match with your job experience held in India.Life in Canada is cherished because of the helpful nature of the people. They believe in the principle of “carpe diem” which implies that they don’t intrude in the lives of others. Canada immigration is a welcome thought for anybody who wants to live a peaceful life.

Cost of living in Canada


Toronto has wonderful places for people to live in localities like Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Markham. The houses in Markham cost about 3,50,000 dollars for an apartment consisting of two bedrooms. This place has prominent technical companies like IBM, Apple and Sun Microsystems located here. A large part of the population(66.6%) here consists of South Asian immigrants like Chinese.

Richmond Hill

This place is also prosperous but consists of a sparse population at only 195,022. If you are planning to immigrate here, you will be glad to know that a one-bedroom apartment costs here only 3,30,000 dollars.


A small house meant to accommodate a family costs as much about 1.5 million dollars.

Living in Canada is also free from troubles because unlike India the population density is low, and so is the traffic on the roads. If you want to work in Canada, you will be glad to know that number of working hours are quite less as compared to India. There are almost 9 national/general holidays in Canada. And if you have at least a year of experience in your field, you are able to get a 1 leave per month benefit right from the beginning apart from these general holidays. Canadian living is easy because the number of working hours in a week for Canadians is 40 hours which is significantly less as compared to those in most of the professions in India. In Canada, any employee who works for more than 8 hours in a day, gets overtime payments for the extra hours worked by him.

For getting the amount of overtime put by an employee, it’s important to remember, that if he works on a general holiday, he is not paid at the overtime rate. You will be amazed to know that any employee who works on such a holiday is paid 1 ½ day’s salary for that day depending on his average salary along with the pay for the designated holiday. In fact, it’s a delight to work in Canada because holiday pays are also given to part-time workers. The managers of a company are paid for holiday work at the same rate as a general pay day but are given another holiday with pay. To receive holiday pays for general holidays, an employee should be working for 30 days with a company prior to such a holiday. At Nile migration, you can get all the information about life in Canada and how to get a Canada immigration visa.

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