How Is It Like to Live and Work in Canada?

Canada is a wonderful country as everyone knows. It is the sister country of the United States of America and is geographically one of the biggest countries in the world. Canada is nearer to the north pole and hence can have severe weather. But still, a lot of people love to move to Canada and live and work there. There are several reasons for this, so let us try to explore these reasons –

Before Living and Working in Canada

Before you can be a part of the Canadian way of life, you need to get a PR visa Canada is not as strict as the United States of America when giving away visas. They do have some stringent tests so that only the deserving and right candidates get to move to the country legally. All you need is the right documentation to showcase that you are a legit person who has legit reasons to enter the country. That should be good enough.

The Weather

The weather in Canada is pretty much cold year-round with a couple of warmer months in August and July. The winters are bitterly cold especially the more north you go within the country. The cold also brings great skiing locations and Canada is often considered to be one of the best places in the world for a skiing enthusiast. This also draws a lot of crowd to the country during winters.

If you want to enjoy the sunlight, then you have a couple of months around August where you would need to get your tan in!

The Culture

Canada is a country which has diverse people and cultures. There are plenty of people from all parts of the world who are living and working here in this country. You will find people who are culturally very diverse but all friendly. It is a very friendly country with an easy and laid-back attitude towards work. 9 to 5 jobs are very common, and it is rare that people work beyond the working hours. It is a very work-life balance oriented country.

Holidays are celebrated usually with families and you will hardly see any traffic on the roads during these times apart from a few holidays. Vacations are usually taken up in national parks or the Rocky Mountains or in the skiing slopes.

Family values are extremely respected and hence the community is a strongly knit one. Most of the neighbourhoods have great comradery and hence people get along very well without any problems between them, even those people who are there with a permanent residence card Canada welcomes people who are going to add value to the country, but at the same time expects them to fit in to the community values.

Therefore, now you know a little about how it is to work and live in the country of Canada. There is not much to worry, once you are there, you will get used to everything and fit in well!

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