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I live in Canada. How can I get a visa for my SPOUSE living in India?

It’s easy to provide sponsorship to a spouse for immigration to this country once you are living in Canada. However, you must have residency in Canada at the time when you decide to sponsor your spouse. You must also be an adult. Now the hardest part is how to prove that you are in a valid relationship with your spouse which is not restricted to marriage only. You will have to prove the existence of your marriage with a marriage certificate apart from the photographs of the rituals wherever they took place.

 Change of spouse visa rules by the government

In fact, the Canada government has also made sure that some new rules exist to prevent any kind of fraud which takes place under the spousal sponsorship where in two people just counterfeit a relationship to get the visa.

So earlier, after the spouse visa, is granted, its mandatory for the sponsor and his/her spouse to be in a cohabitation relationship for a two year period. This rule is mandatory for those, who were not married for two years at the time of getting the spouse visa. This requirement is not necessary once the sponsored spouse complains of abuse by the sponsor and has to move out of the relationship.

There are two ways in which you can provide sponsorship to someone who is in a relationship with you, either that person can be in Canada when you are sponsoring that person or not in this country.  The spouse when he/she is living in Canada can be residing temporarily in Canada on a study or a visitor visa at the time of sponsorship.

When the sponsored partner is not in Canada, his application is handled by the visa office of the country in which he has been residing.

As soon as the PR holder, who is sponsoring the spouse files the PR visa for his/her partner, the spouse is eligible to get a work permit which is not employer specific for Canada.

Mandatory conditions for the spouse visa

Irrespective of where the application for this spouse visa, is  made, its mandatory for the spouse and sponsor

  • To be in a live in relationship for one year when not married, although there can be gaps in the relationship when one partner has abstained for a period of some months due to some business purposes.
  • Earlier the age for the sponsor was 16 but now it has been increased to 18.
  • The de-facto and the same-sex partners also have to prove that they have assets owned together like bank accounts.

It’s also important for the sponsor to be able to provide some kind of a financial guarantee that he will be able to provide for the sponsored once he/she is in Canada. This is the most important part of a sponsored/sponsor relationship. For this purpose only, the income of the concerned sponsor should be at a certain level. It’s easy to provide the help for the sponsored provided you agree to such help in writing. This written help is obligatory for the sponsor for a period of three years starting from the time, the sponsored person gets the PR of Canada. Once these three years are over, the sponsor is no longer responsible for any kind of financial liabilities of the sponsored.

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