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Make Things Easier With the Australia Business Owner Visa Subclass 180

As a business owner, you must be in constant search of new opportunities. Traveling where business might take you should be nothing new for you. But everyone hits the ceiling after rising to a certain height; one has to look for a different destination. If you are interested in going overseas for exploring further prospects, might we make a case for Australia? Having a business interest in the country can make seeking a business owner visa Australia relatively easy as you already have the necessary qualifications.

Australian Immigration:

There are some prerequisites to applying for this visa. Below we mention some of the fields that you should ace in if you wish to make this application:

  • Having a business interest in the country.
  • Should have spent at least 12 months in the last 24 inside the country.
  • The business that you own should be at least 2 years old.
  • You must be the holder of a temporary visa.
  • The conditions on your provisional visa should not be violated.
  • You and all your family members or relatives should have met the health and character requirements.
  • Your business interest in the country should be permanent. That is to say that you should not be looking to wind up your interest or investment in Australia in the immediate future.
  • You or your partner (your spouse) should not be involved in any business activity that is unacceptable in nature.

As this visa is a specialized visa, the Australian business owner visa subclass 890 can only be availed if you and your business fulfill certain requirements too:

  • You should be a majority owner if the turnover is less than AUD 400,000. Or 30% owner if the turnover is above AUD 400,000. Or 10% if the company you have is a listed company.
  • If the business that you have ha been acquired through a buyout or a takeover, you must be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you acquired the company in a legal manner.
  • Employees and personal assets of the business should be listed and your capability demonstrated in handlings its requirements.
  • The turnover of your business for the last two financial years should be mentioned with the registrar prior to making the application. And the last turnover should be over 300,000.
  • You must have credible evidence that you have participated in the day to day management of your company for the last 24 months prior to the filing of application.
  • You should not have any outstanding debt to the Australian government.

The special rights:

There are certain special provisions that this visa provides you with. You stay in the country and work indefinitely. You are also eligible for citizenship and the medical benefits that accrue to the citizens of Australia. You can sponsor eligible members and travel to and from the country for five years since the day your application gets approved.

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