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How Many Points Required for Canada PR?

As far as the requirement for the points in Canada is concerned, it’s important to understand that the users should understand that the needed points depend on the score which has been selected in the latest draw of Express Entry.

The current draw which happened on 9th May is the most recent draw and as per this draw, there has been an amazing selection of 2500 candidates in this draw. So, now, the Canadian government has already invited 28,000 candidates as pee the draws conducted by it this year so far. Now, it’s up to a candidate whether he is able to get 441 points in his CRS score or not. The candidate should know that this is the least score as per all the draws which have happened in 2018. The last draw which happened almost a fortnight back on April 25, got a similar score at 441.

So, it’s not so tough for a candidate to get to Canada PR through the route of an Express Entry now. Apart from getting this score, you should also understand that the candidate, who has filed the Expression Entry earlier than the other candidate with the similar score, has higher possibility to be selected.

The invitations in 2018 are going to be more, but that does not imply there is going to be a decrease in the shortlisted Express entry score. The government has made it a point to see that the point score settles at a certain level. That’s why the points which were awarded for having a job beforehand earlier are not the same anymore. Earlier, there were 600 points which were given to a candidate if he had employment with him in Canada, now it’s not the same anymore. With the drop from 600 to 50, it has, in fact, become tougher for candidates to immigrate here.

The target before the Canadian government is that it aims to provide settlement in this country to 1,84,000 residents via PNPs apart from those invited under Express Entry making the total at 250,000.

The express entry system changes

As far as candidates whose profiles are already in the pool are concerned, they can get points for the siblings who are residing in this country. This addition to the points was done as per modifications which were introduced in the Canada express entry point system on June 6th.

The candidate should also have the PNP given to them which can get them awarded 600 points. This is important for them to get ahead of others, who have applied for immigration to Canada.

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