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Moving to Canada in 2018? Check Your Eligibility with Nile Migration

Many of the immigration seekers think why is it necessary to get the help from a Canada immigration consultancy when you are opting to move abroad? Everyone knows it’s easy to build your Express Entry profile. Everyone also knows the definition of the Express Entry system.

It’s because of the expertise a consultancy and its counselors have in this domain. You know how they get this expertise, it’s because of the multiple visa applications with which they help regularly. They know how much points you are eligible for.

So, Nile Migration knows whether you will get an ITA or not after creating this profile. No matter, how much knowledge you gain from reading forums, it’s not enough to receive an ITA.

Nile Migration makes you the among those who receive the ITA-based in the cutoff used in the Express Entry Draw. So, in 2018, when the immigration targets set by the Canadian government are high(3,10,000), you should not miss any chance of moving to this country with the aid provided by this consultancy. Since the Canadian government plans to attract a huge number, it will make sure that the CRS cutoffs are low. In fact, this can already be seen in the draws conducted so far. On March 26th, the cutoff was 446, which is low. Since the next draw is likely to happen, in April, exactly two weeks after this draw, you should be prepared in advance.

Nile migration can help you in submitting the right kind of Express Entry profile:

To get this much qualifying score, you should be eligible under one of the programs of the Federal skilled worker or federal skilled trades. We are not ruling out Canadian experience class.

  • The federal skilled worker program requires one to have a 1-year work experience which should have been earned in the last decade before application. This is not so tough.
  • It’s important now, to choose French as the main language.

The most important requirement is that should have a good score in the IELTS exam. More so, the government of Canada has also released a new option as per which candidates who have scored good scores in the French language can get up to 30 points. The score of the candidate should be NCLC 7 in French and CLB 5 to get 30 points if he wants to become eligible for this new option.

So, whats the best time to apply?

The best time to apply for Canada PR is when you have gained good experience after getting your post graduation degree. This good experience should be at least 3-5 years.

Your education is also relevant for your express entry points. 22 points can be earned by anyone who is holding a post graduation degree from India which is of the duration of two years.

The Canadian government also awards points for a younger age group. People who are in the age group of 18-35 get the highest points of 12 as per the federal skilled worker program.

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