German Job Seeker Visa

How Much Time is Needed to Receive the German Job Seeker Visa?

The job seeker visa to Germany is a great resource for someone who wants to get his life/her life revolutionized in this country.

The reason why people are eager to get here is that the rate of growth of this country is competing with that of the developed countries. The time in which you can get a Germany job seeker visa is 1.5 to 2 months. The time which lapses which in the processing of this visa is also dependent on the kind of workload getting faced by the German immigration authorities.

The 1.5-2 months is the time which is required, by the consulate to submit every document of yours to Germany. However, if the visa does not get granted to you within 2 months after this document submission, then its time, to get in touch with the German embassy to know what is exactly causing the delay.  4-6 months are actually needed for this visa, which includes the review of your educational documents.

Now, what can a candidate do when he is in Germany?

The first option for a candidate is to look for a house: Furnished apartments are not so easily found in Germany, but one has to make a thorough search. The foremost evidence you should provide is that you have arranged with a friend to reside in this country.

The rent for the apartments consists of two kinds of payments, one which is fixed and other which is variable. The first part which is the fixed rent is never altered as long as you are living in the house. The second part takes into account the, property tax, cleaning of the staircase, electricity,  and the water charges are also paid by the tenant. Its mandatory for the tenant to give prior notice when he is vacating the house. Even in the case when he faces a transfer of location in his job, he can’t vacate the house immediately.

The need to show an accommodation exists in the case when you are applying for the job seeker visa of this country.

Fees for the visa: The fees for applying for this visa are only 75 Euros. However, for getting your educational documents assessed, it costs 200 Euros which should be done before applying.

Medical insurance: It’s important that you should have applied for and taken insurance prior to coming to Germany. This is important so that even when you get some kind of problems in this country, you have the insurance to take care of you.

The importance of experience in getting a job can’t be denied. The chances for only those people are great for getting a job in the country of Germany, who, have some countable experience in their profile. At least 4 years of experience is a must and even despite that the candidate should be able to go through some interviews before getting a job in this country. So, based on statistics it can take a candidate two months of time in Germany before he gets a job. Knowing the German language well is also a condition to get a job within this time limit of 2 months.

So, your chances are high once you are in this country because employers prefer interviews conducted in person rather than those on Skype. This increases their chances to know you better and how suitable you are for the job.

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