Germany job seeker visa

What Must Job Seekers Know When Applying for a Job?

While looking for a job abroad, it’s important to see whether the certain profile for which you are looking for a job has high demand in Germany.

Also, get to know whether your work in Germany requires a very good knowledge of the coveted German language. Some professions which require high-skills like those in SAP may not require such knowledge of the language, but for other jobs, it’s a must.

Whether the job requires professionals in Germany or not:

Doctors and nurses are also required in this country right now. A Germany job seeker visa is a good option for doctor also because right now this country is experiencing a shortage of doctors now, requiring a minimum of 5000 in this profile. A doctoral degree gained in a non-German country has to be accredited in Germany through the Approbation which refers to the license for practicing the medical profession in the country. It is to be gained only once in the entire lifetime of the doctor. To get this license, its mandatory to have an employment offer in the country of Germany.  Doctors seeking a job there can go on a Germany job seeker visa need to get a job, first, then Approbation. This condition of approbation also has the condition of knowing the medical terminologies of German at the higher level of C1.

It’s important that the doctors get clarifying score in the exam of Fachsprachenprüfung. There are medical schools in Germany which offer due help in getting the pertinent score for getting ahead through this exam. The doctors get paid very well in the country of Germany. The mid-level doctors are paid almost 65,000 Euros every year and doctors of specialties are paid up to 80,000 Euros.

When getting into Germany, you are required to submit various documents before getting shortlisted by a recruiter:

Residence proof is needed for getting a  job:

The first thing that an employer will look is whether you have your residence registered in Germany. This is only possible when you have a residence for rent or own one here. For this, the job seeker needs to fill the “Anmeldeformular” form. Another form “Wohnungsgeberbestätigung“needs to be filled by the landlord of the candidate.

The filled-out form needs to be provided to the registration office which is located in the vicinity of your current residence. When you are able to receive the confirmation of your registration i.e. the “Meldebescheinigung”, you should thoroughly go through this document. This residence proof is extremely important to find work in Germany.

A tax Id is also needed:

The employer also needs your tax ID. This is only possible once you have gained your residence proof. This ID is also given to you once the residence proof document is generated.

Make the application in the right manner:

It’s not tough to find a job in Germany provided you know the correct way of applying for the same. Germans are known for their systematic ways and hence, you have to present your application for the job “Bewerbungsmappe “ including documents, like a cover letter, diplomas and degrees, and resume. All these documents should be converted to a PDF format and assembled together. The supporting documents provided by your previous employers including experience certificates are an extremely unimportant part of this dossier. You can get in touch with us for getting all the information about how to get the Germany job seeker visa in a hassle-free manner.

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