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Is it that Necessary to Apply for Canada PR or Express Entry with a Consultant ?

Many candidates get in a dilemma about whether to hire an immigration consultant or not for obtaining a PR visa Canada.

Its not that the procedure for Canada immigration is cumbersome, its just that, with a better understanding chances of getting the visa get much better. The candidates apart from not facing any hassles also save their precious time and money, which they can spend on making themselves prepared for a life in Canada with their loved ones. The consultants know the procedure by heart and are in touch with the latest developments which makes them better suited to do the job for you.

The immigration Canada express entry requires the candidate to have an express entry profile just like other candidates. Everyone with this profile gets to become part of a pool, and then the candidates who have the best score in this pool get shortlisted for permanent residency. Everyone knows this procedure, but there are certain issues which can prevent you from obtaining a PR visa Canada.

This happens when the candidate is unable to understand all the information which is part of creating an express entry profile. He may also attempt to divulge information for his benefit. Any such attempts can cause a long wait for him in immigrating to Canada. Its because it gets troublesome when the application for the visa cant be made for another two years after such concealment of information. In case, of Quebec, such ban on application is till a duration of 5 years.

If with the help of a consultant, such 2 year bans on visa application can be prevented, its better to get in touch with them.

CIC is quite cautious about which candidates are to be approved for immigration Canada.Sometimes however errors are committed by it in approving the application of clients. So, that’s where, consultancies help you because they know how to get such applications approved.

There is a hardcore deadline of 90 days which have been set up by the CIC for the provision of eAPR  after getting the ITA now. Once this is received, the next stage is all about providing documents. This requires that the candidate undergoes through a medical exam and provides police clearance certificate also. All these documents also have a deadline of submission which is 120 days after being asked for them. That’s where a consultant puts his expertise into use for you. She/he knows how the arrangement of such documents is to be done in an expedited way for you to get the passport request. The consultants also know how and where the documents are to be submitted

The knowledge of a consultant is always more than you. So, even though you might not be approved for one province of Canada, you will fit into another provincial nominee program requirements. He will guide where your application has the probability of getting approved. At Nile migration, immigration consultants with so much knowledge and expertise are there to guide you.

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