Canada and Australia Immigration

What is the Need for Immigrants in Canada and Australia?

It’s not questionable as to whether Canada and Australia need immigration. Of course, they do Immigration is only required when your country does not have sufficient working population which is true of these countries. These countries are going to have a shortage of working population due to low births.

Benefit and need for immigration

As far as the need for immigration is concerned, every country which attains a certain level of development in terms of per capita GDP (15,000 dollars per annum)has a lower birth rate, in fact, more people die and fewer people are born. When the birth rate of the country is lower than the death rate, of course, the country does not have a replacement of working age population and has a decrease in such population. That’s when immigration becomes a  necessity so that the population decline does not happen. In fact, to make sure that the working age population does not decrease, it’s important to have a birth rate of 2 children in families.

This kind of decrease in the working population is happening in countries such as Japan where the birth rate is lower than the death rate and no immigration is there also.

Why India needs such Immigration?

India has a large number of baby boomers. Its birth rate was more than the death rate in the 1960’s and 1990’s (4-6 kids) due to which its growth rate is not going to slow down. We need emigration of these numbers. In fact, even till 2005, the average number of children born to a woman was 3.

That’s, why, the fertility rates(number of births) of 2.90 till 2005, we need emigration to balance the huge population existing in this country.

Canada immigration procedures 

Now, Canada allows immigration under very specific rules. As per these rules, there is a proper set of criterion as per which an immigrant’s application is evaluated. This criterion includes whether the candidate has a work experience of 2-3 years and knows English well. These kinds of human resources will help it supplement its resources.

This is how Canada government is trying to get resources which can help it preserve its GDP growth rate.

Canada government provides ample chances to, everybody to get immigration based on the presence of a job here or the ability to get a job upon immigration here.

If you have been proposed with a job in this country through the Job Bank, you get elected to get here. However, if you have the calibre of bag employment based on your English, age, education, and experience, you also get an invitation.

That’s why someone who has been sent to Canada on a company transfer agreement also becomes eligible to immigrate.

Australia has also implemented specific rules for immigration which have made the procedure quite decisive. Hence you need to know what the procedural requirements for this process are. This process can make sure that Australia does not have the downfall of any GDP by allowing the requisite number of candidates to immigrate here. The immigration criteria of Australia evaluates whether an aspirant has the expertise to land up in employment here or already has employment.

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