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Do I need a permanent job offer for Express Entry?

There are many benefits once you are able to get a job before your Canada immigration. The job offer can make you score 50 extra points once your employer makes sure that your application undergoes the LMIA process. So, a job offer is needed because it can increase your points tally for express entry by 50 points.

There are, however, certain characteristics in a job offer for it to be legitimate for you to able to bag immigration because of it:

  • The job offer should not be a short-term job which only lasts for a few months
  • The job should last until the end of 12 months and should not be of a shorter duration.
  • Some skills should be needed for the job which implies that it should belong to the skill sets 0, B or A which are mentioned in the National occupational list 2016 of Canada.

Whatever is the job offered to you as per the conditions mentioned above, it should all the proofs of appointment.

Offer letter for the job is mandatory

An offer letter should have been extended you which, mentions everything pertaining to the job:

  • This includes the salary and any deductions whenever they will be applicable
  • The duties of the job specific to your profile
  • How many hours you are needed to work

So, there is an LMIA which is needed for this job, which implies that the concerned laborer should be able to prove that nobody in Canada matches his skill sets. Apart from that, he should also have the job offer from the employer given to him on paper. Without that kind of confirmation, no LMIA is possible.

However, it’s not always necessary that an LMIA is mandatory for you to get Express Entry on the basis of a job. For example, there are certain kinds of jobs which don’t need any kind of LMIA.

Jobs for which no LMIA is required to get a work permit

These kinds of jobs are as below:

  • The jobs which require immigrants as per the “NAFTA agreement” don’t need any LMIA. Canada is a part of this agreement as per which it has signed a free trade agreement with the USA.
  • The Canada government also makes sure that those people are exempt from requiring an LMIA from getting to Canada who has been transferred from one company to its other branch. Since they have been put into the country of Canada for the “significant benefit” of the economy of this country, there’s no need to impose an LMIA for their work permit.
  • The candidates who are going to be allowed to immigrate to Canada on the basis of their coaching of the professional sports team in this country don’t require an LMIA for their work permit.
  • There are also exchange programs signed with other countries under which professors are allowed to go into Canada.

Such professors are also not allowed into Canada.

Once an employee has received a job offer, he is supposed to provide an LMIA number in his express entry application for proving his prospective employment.

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