investment visa Australia requirements

Now Plan Your Immigration To Australia Through Investment

Moving to Australia

The dream country of a lot of people, Australia is known for a variety of things including food, lifestyle, culture, weather conditions, sports, geography, wildlife etc. Other than all these things, it is also famous worldwide for the tourists and immigrants. It is one of those countries that welcome a large number of foreigners every year. The purpose of visit is however different for different people. Some of them are the explorers wanting to see the beauty of the place while others have their relocation already planned. Overall, it has always been a good option for those searching for employment opportunities at a place with decent surroundings and people.

Investment visa is an option

Are you one of those wishing to get settled permanently in the country? If it is a yes, then you must know about some of the things that may help you in obtaining the visa easily. Now the question arises, what those things are? You must be familiar with the fact that moving to a new nation requires a permit that allows you to legally cross the border. That pass is nothing else but the visa. The government has categorized them as per the purpose and duration of the visit. People generally know about the major types of visas that are frequently used, but they are sometimes unaware of the subclasses. They can be of great help if you get the one that matches your condition and requirements. Immigration to Australia through investment is another option that can be used for becoming the permanent resident of your dream country.

Check if you are eligible

First of all, let us discuss in brief about the visa and the eligibility criteria for being able to obtain it. As it is suggested by the name, the investor visa allows people having some designated investment in the Australia to live there. Also it allows people to easily manage the business related activities and investments. Along with this, the visa can be used for permanent residence purposes as well. Also, the family members of the person already having it can apply and obtain their visas easily. The eligibility criteria can be best checked by logging in to the official website but some of the primary conditions are-

  • You need to have a provisional investor visa beforehand if you are applying for a permanent one.
  • You must have stayed in the country for a duration of minimum two years, any two years in the period of past four years before the date of application.
  • The business requirements stated in the list are needed to be met by you.
  • The health status of you and your family should be as per stated.
  • Character certifications are also required.

Application and requirements

Before heading towards the final application process, one must know the investment visa Australia requirements in advance. The primary requirement is that you must have a designated investment of 1.5 million Australian dollars for as long as four years. The other things, however, can vary from person to person. Search a bit over the internet, gather all the details, and get your visa.

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