Temporary Resident Visa Australia 457

Obtaining the Temporary Skilled Visa to Australia

What is the temporary skilled visa?

This visa allows a skilled worker to travel to Australia in order to work in their nominated occupation for the pre-approved sponsor for up to a period of four years. This particular kind of Visa is specifically designed for employment in jobs where there is a shortage of labor within Australia.

The Requirements for obtaining a Temporary Resident visa Australia 457

In order to acquire this visa, the applicant must –

  1. Have been sponsored by an approved business. Note that a business can sponsor someone for this visa if they cannot find an Australian citizen or a permanent resident to satisfactorily do the required skilled work.
  2. Have the required skills to fill a position that has been nominated by an approved business.

The Validity of This Visa

The Temporary skilled Visa Australia allows the skilled workers to come to Australia and work for an approved business for either of the two periods of time –

  1. Four years– if the applicant’s occupation is listed on the Combined list of eligible skilled occupations or this period is specifically required due to the international trade obligations
  2. Two years– if the applicant’s occupation is not listed on the MLTSSL, then they are given the approval for only two years.

The Sponsors

The approved business employers, who want to sponsor a skilled worker from outside Australia for a Temporary Resident Visa Australia 457, there is no limit to the number of eligible skilled positions that can be nominated.

The Nomination

The Nomination is the process of identifying a position to be filled by a suitable skilled worker from outside Australia in an approved business. Nomination is required for the standard business sponsors as well as for the parties to a labor agreement.

The process of Nomination identifies:

  1. The occupation is relevant to the position that is to be filled.
  2. The necessary skills and experience required for the position.
  3. The market salary rate for the particular position and the salary rate to be paid to the prospective overseas employee, and the disparity in the two, if any.
  4. The name of the prospective overseas employee.
  5. The state and the firm in which the employee will be working.

Who is Eligible to Nominate?

Only an approved business sponsor can lodge a nomination. At the very least the approved business must have lodged a sponsorship application. For those businesses who haven’t previously lodged a sponsorship application, it can also be done at the same time as lodging a nomination.

The Benefits of Work Visa (subclass 457)

  1. Live and work in Australia for up to a period of four years
  2. Bring the family to work or study in Australia
  3. Unlimited travel in and out of Australia

Note – According to the announcement made on April 18, 2017, (which will be implemented by March, 2018), the stream of Temporary Skilled Visa Australia (subclass 457) will be replaced by the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa (TSS).

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