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What Should One Leave India and move to US, NZ,Australia, or Canada?

As far as Australia is concerned, the immigration process is not simple but objective. The country of Australia has laid out an immigration procedure about what is needed of immigrants. So, a candidate knows from day 1 of the application as to what is the precise way of getting to Australia whether he will get a job in any of the states and it will nominate him. Or there will be a requirement for him to go there on the basis of his skills.

Why immigrate to the US?

The US, however, has tougher immigration procedures, which requires sponsorship from, your near and dear one who is a citizen of US (he/she could be your spouse, your parent or your child). As far as US immigration on the basis of employment is concerned, you should have a professional degree or 2 years work experience acquired in the home country and the requisite employer sponsorship.

So, after you get to any one of these countries, you get a blissful life.

The best part about working in the US is that you can work from anywhere, not in the office necessarily. You can start your business from home or get an employer to, pay you for working from home. There are crucial  IT profiles which are allowed to work from home, and the per hour pay rates are excellent. For example, an Oracle PL/SQL Developer gets 52 USD per hour which is great.

The Americans don’t even need a visa to go to Canada. They have the opportunity to do work and inhabit the place. Apart from that Americans don’t prefer to move out of the country for an excursion. The country of America has everything, it has lakes, Disneyland, mountains, waterfalls(Niagara Falls and Yosemite Falls). So, in this way, America helps you save on your hard earned money because you can spend it on weekends quite easily rather than planning trips outside the country for seeing some natural beauty.

Why immigrate to Australia?

Australia also has, nice, rewarding jobs in IT and Finance Profiles. There are jobs for Accountants and Business development managers of SAAS, IT Helpdesk Technician, IT support engineer and IT recruitment consultants etc. The payscales include payment of bonuses as well. You don’t need to sweat yourself in jobs and only 40 hours of work per week are required. If you work more, overtime payments are made for every extra hour devoted.

Apart from that, when you have Australia PR, you don’t need the visa to go to New Zealand. There is a great payscale system which has been applied to Australians.  Just know about your award’s pay scale and it’s so easier.

Why immigrate to Canada?

Canada also has a lower number of working hours in every week defined for employees. The employee just needs to work for 8 hours a day which is so low as compared to India. Apart from that with a Canada PR, you get working and residence rights in the US.

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