Canada PR visa

Ontario selects 439 candidates in the latest Express Entry draw

A PR  visa Canada is given when someone wants to live in Canada and is found to be suitable for it. This visa is given for a duration of 5 years.

Express Entry is the system which is used for selecting candidates. All the provinces of Canada take in candidates for who apply through Express Entry.

Ontario actually shortlisted immigration Canada permanent resident candidates from the Express Entry pool on October 19, 2018. This Express Entry draw selected a total of 439 candidates. The candidates who were chosen were from Federal Skilled Trade Stream and had an experience of a year. So, these candidates had experience in specific occupational categories such as occupational groups 72, 73, 82 or 633. The 72nd occupational group includes occupations related to  Industrial, Electrical And Construction Trades. So, these occupations are those of Contractors, Supervisors, Carpenters, And Cabinetmakers. There is also the occupational group of 73 which refers to Maintenance and Equipment Operation Trades. These include Machinery Mechanics and Transportation Equipment Mechanics. Therefore, candidates who had filed Express Entry applications and have experience in these occupations are likely to get selected.

As far as candidates who had experience in the minor occupational group of 633 are concerned, these include Butchers And Bakers. After getting shortlisted by Ontario for having experience in such occupations, the professionals of such occupations could proceed forward to fill Express Entry applications. Apart from experience, these candidates also had CLB 5 scores in the English or the French languages which made them eligible for selection.

The immigration Canada permanent resident candidates in the stream of French-speaking candidates were selected as per another Express Entry draw which happened on 18th October 2018. 39 candidates who had applied as per this stream were actually selected. Although no cutoff score has been revealed for this Express Entry draw the candidates with CLB7 scores in French have been selected. The candidates apart from having such good scores in French also had experience in their native country(Federal Skilled Worker) or in Canada(Canadian Experience Class). In a previous draw which also selected candidates with excellent French language scores, 33 candidates were picked from Express Entry pool. These candidates just knew French and had experience, but they didn’t have any experience.

Ontario has the highest percentage of Indians living there. The province has the territory of Toronto where so many Indians live. You can also find a job easily in Ontario by making an account with the Job Bank and putting your resume there. Ontario also has attractive destinations such as Niagara Falls. Niagara falls are located in the city called Niagara Falls in Ontario. Niagara river takes the form of Niagara falls which is the center of so many tourists every year.

The candidates have various ways available to them for obtaining points as per the Federal Skilled Worker stream. They can get points for the language proficiency level of the spouse too. You can get 20 points for your spouse’s language proficiency in the English or French languages. So, get aid for the PR  visa Canada from professionals who know so much.

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