Planning To Migrate To Canada? Have A Look at Canada Immigration New Rules.

Canada or the land of maples is a beautiful and magnificient country. There are a lot of tourists, businessmen, workers, student visiting Canada daily. Visitors and immigrants go there with different ambitions, future aspects and goals. The favorable Government policies, diverse culture, ideal studying, working and business facilities and visionary leadership makes it more suitable for different type of people to visit there with some aspirations or objectives.
Canada has a strong economy and is an advanced nation. Have a quick look at the new rules for immigration to Canada

Canada Immigration New Rules

  • Age : Any people between age 18 to 65 years are eligible for applying immigration to Canada. Earlier, it used to be from 21-65 years. As there is a lot of immigration already happening in Canada, rules were changed to make space for more people. This prime is considered so that they can help in changing national and local economy.
  • Education : The education system is quite relaxed. You can enter Canada even with high school diploma. But, it is advisable to have master’s degree so that you find a better job and get selected in the Immigration Program.
  • Work Experience : It is one of the most important factor when you are immigrating to Canada. You need to have at least 1 year experience before applying. Although it is recommended to have 3 years job experience before applying. This helps in getting better jobs and easily getting selected among the rest.
  • Language Ability : Yet another important factor to get score. It is necessary for a person to know the languages of the country in order to conduct business. The languages used frequently are English and French. You will have to score CLB 7 for being eligible. But if your IELTS score above CLB 9 there are higher chances of getting selected.
  • Adaptability : One of the reasons why so many people immigrate to Canada is because it lets to carry family as well. You can also score additional points if your family is already present there.

Advantages of moving to Canada

  • Higher standards of Living with low crime rates and brilliant opportunities of work.
  • Free education upto undergraduate level for the citizens and permanent residents. Your child will get the right degree without any sacrifices from you.
  • There are wide opportunities to work. It is one of the richest country with huge economy. From different backgrounds, you can have opportunities to work.
  • It is a immigrant-friendly nation as there are a lot of immigrants from different parts of the world. There are no aggression or violent activities reported to newcomers.

To apply for immigration make an Online Entry Express profile and submit work experience, skills, language ability, education and other details needed for assessment by CIC. If you get selected, your profile will be compared with others in the accepted pool .You will receive a rank based on criteria’s in newcomer’s economic success in Canada. The highest ranked candidates and ones with valid offers or territorial nominations get selected.

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