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Is It Possible For an International Student to Work 24 Hours in a Week in Canada?

A student can only put up 20 hours of work for every week alongside his studies. If he works 24 hours in a week, he is supposed to work 16 hours next week so that the average is 20 hours/week. Every international student wants to work alongside the tenure of education so that he makes some money alongside his expensive education and does not return back empty handed. When you are in a foreign land, you need funds to support your expenses like accommodation and meals.

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And working along your education is also the best way to mingle with new people. However, it is crucial that you are able to maintain a balance between work and studies otherwise you can end up getting your study visa terminated.

Nothing can stay hidden from the Canadian government

Its because the government will find out for how many hours you have worked in a week. This is through the Record Of Employment which is provided by your, employer for you. You must know that it has all the details through which Canada government gets to know for how many hours you are working per week. This form includes your social insurance number and corresponding to that, the weekly hours devoted by you and of course your name. With a work permit, provided to you along with your study visa, you just have the legal permission to work for 20 hours. Any number of hours worked than this, limit, can’t be a part of your Record Of Employment.

A student should have a health insurance before he decides to embark on a program of study in this country. The student should get ample amount of help from an overseas admission and visa counselor who will let him know what are the rules required for applying to different institutions. Its apt to work in Canada during your studies. During your course, you can work either at the campus or away from it. To be able to work, alongside the education, the candidate should be mandatorily holding a Social Insurance Number which is required for both the on-campus and off-campus work.

Restrictions for on-campus work

The candidate should be working at the premises of his college campus. Apart from that, he can also work, on various campuses, where his college is located. However, if his college has a campus located outside the city of his education, he can’t work there. As far as the employment on the campus of the college is concerned, it can be for the college authorities, a teacher, a contractor to whom any of the services of the university have been outsourced.

Restrictions for off-campus work

To work off campus some restrictions are again imposed on the student:

The duration of the course should not be less than 180 days and it should be fulltime. Only full-time students are allowed to work off campus in Canada.

The candidate can only work off campus till the end of his course. When his course ends, it is better to get a post-graduation work permit(PGWP). Anybody who is found to be working off campus and, his course has ended but he does not have a PGWP, he can be deported from this country.

If your last semester is not fulltime, and it’s part-time, you can still continue to work without a work permit, because this is only towards the end of the course.

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  1. Hello dear sir or madam,
    I am international student, limited work hours for students consider annually or weekly, I mean may I work 10 hours in a week and 30 hours in next week , it will be 20 hours in avarage, or It considers week by week?

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