What are the prerequisites to get a job seeker visa to Germany?

Germany has become one of the most searched-for destinations in the world when people want to look for jobs. The world-famous companies like Siemens, Adidas, and Audi which have made a name for themselves were started in this country. That’s, why there is an explicable demand for the Germany job seeker visa.

A candidate needs to have his passport ready which should not be older than 10 years. Now, we at Nile Migration get frequent inquires about how to get this visa. So, we are listing the steps here for you:

There are some specific documents which need to be sent to the German embassy for your visa to be approved:

  • The photostat copy data page of your passport in A4 size is required for getting this visa. This page contains the most pertinent details about you like your name, the date on which you were born, the expiration date of the passport and the number of the passport etc.
  • Three passport size photographs are also required which should not be more than 36×45 mm in size. This kind of a photograph should not include your face in a height less than 32 mm till the maximum of 36 mm. In fact, such a photograph should include all the details of your face and cover the face from hairline to chin.
  • A cover letter which will include all the information about why you are visiting this country, and what are the ways to be followed by you to search for employment in this country.
  • A candidate should have received his assessment certificate from ZAB already before making an application for this visa. This certificate costs 200 Euros for one degree.
  • Needless to say, a bank account statement is also mandatory which should show funds of at least 695x 6 euros at the time when you are creating your application for this visa. The current amount in rupees equivalent to these many Euros is Rs 3,36,325. These funds may or may not be shown in a Deutsche bank account and any bank account will suffice.
  • The next requirement is to arrange for accommodation in this country. An evidence regarding this also needs to be shown. If you have an acquaintance living in Germany willing to host you till you are there, then its better to have an obligation document written by this host.
  • However you can also rent an apartment which only becomes possible once you reach this country.
  • A Germany job seeker visa can only serve some purpose to you once you have a minimum of 6-month experience before getting this visa. Without experience, it’s not easy to get jobs in a profession which requires those with a technical background.
  • Its also important to produce certificates such as birth certificate and marriage certificate, the latter only applicable for those who are married.
  • Evidence of health insurance also needs to be shown for getting jobs in Germany through this visa. Indian companies are allowed to provide this kind of an insurance. This insurance covers situations like you meeting up with an accident whilst in Germany on this visa.
  • A candidate should have two copies of all the documents mentioned above.
  • A candidate whose documents are not as per the list mentioned above can also face rejection of the Germany job seeker visa.
  • There can be a need for additional documents as well which arises depending on whether you practice professions like that of a doctor or nurse.

Its cheap to apply for the Germany job seeker visa and it does not cost more than 60 euros which is equivalent to Rs 3000.

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