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What is the Process of Going to Canada with LMIA (Applying for Work Permit Visa) and How to Get PR. I am in Currently in the US and my CRS Score is 388 +50 (LMIA)?

If you are in the  US, a green card allows you to travel to Canada without needing a visa. You can also get educated and earn money in Canada. However, cancellation of the US green card happens once you are not in this country for 12 months and are in Canada during that time.

The Canada visa procedures have upgraded themselves due to which candidates need a lot of strong credentials to be here. Getting a job on Canada is of no worth in the immigration process, once you don’t have the LMIA done by your employer for the same job.

If an employer is willing to provide you with a leeway in the Canada PR process, he has to provide you with LMIA. The meaning of this LMIA is that any Canadian employer who wants to have an international resource in his organization needs to get permission for it from the Employment And Social Development Canada. Once this permission is given, the employer has no problem getting a worker from outside Canada.

So, if you have 50 points after such an LMIA and 388 points, your total CRS points tally is 438. Since the current score is 440 now, its easier to get the binding legal permission for the Canada PR. So, you can easily increase the CRS to these much points by making sure your score in IELTS is better than before. However by working hard to get a higher score in IELTS, it’s achievable too, get 7 in 3 bands of IELTS and 8 in one band of listening. So, this is how you get a CLB 9 score which gets you 31x 4 =124points. Achieve this score with continuous practice, and you will get, the CRS score of 440. 3 months of time is required before you get your LMIA. It costs approximately 1000 CAD for an employer to provide you with LMIA.

How to get CLB9 in IELTS?

The basic content of the IELTS test consists of 4 parts, which is listening, writing, reading and speaking. The aspirants need to know how to get their best performance in IELTS. You become quite fast and thorough after going through the mock tests of IELTS. The exact format of this test is replicated in the mock IELTS tests.

Timing is also important. So, make sure that you complete every section of IELTS in the time given to you. In IELTS, the most critical segment is the Speaking segment for which the least time of 15 minutes is given to the candidate. So, a candidate needs to practice the most for this segment. Listening also has 4 parts, and a short time is given for it. You should listen to as much British, American, New Zealand English you can, to get sufficient practice for this part which includes 40 questions. The “listening” part which is of 30 minutes contains, four audio tapes, which are followed by questions pertaining to them. The candidate is given a question paper at the beginning of the ‘listening” segment in which he has to mark all answers. In the last 10 minutes of this test, he has to copy his answers from this question paper to a provided empty sheet.

Now, what happens in the “speaking” section of the IELTS test. This section also requires an extensive effort from you. You have to give information about your place of birth and the mindset of people there. There are 2 others sections in this test which require you to speak about a task and in the 3rd part where you are asked questions about your speech in the 1st part of this test.

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