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What is the processing time required for my PR application once I have a score of 65-70 points?

When you have got such a great score of 65-70 points, your Expression of interest is likely to get selected soon. There is a very short time which is required for the processing in case of 189 and 190 visas. In case of both these visas, the processing time has been reduced by the government. This is due to the demand for both these immigration visas which is high. The time which is listed on the government website ( is 8 months for the 189 visa. This time includes the time which is taken by you to provide the application once your invitation has been received.

Missing documents

The time which is taken after you put up your EOI and get the PR can be divided into 3 slots:

  1. Time to get the invitation-2 months
  2. Time to put the PR application-the maximum time which is allowed as per government norms is 2 months.
  3. Time till the PR is received

You can also have a short time based on the provision of all your documents. If any of your documents are missing from the application, the time which is taken is likely to be more.  Generally, once you get your invitation(approval), you only have two months to put up a complete application package for PR which can further take some time for approval. So, the time which can be saved by you is the time which is spent in formulating your finished application.

An EOI itself needs 2 months for approval(invitation).  You can, however, expect a longer time to get the invitation as per your points.

The delay which is caused in receiving the invitation is low in case of those with high points. So with a point score of 65-70, you can expect the approval to come in 2 months or even 1 month. A month is the last time for which you have to wait to get an invitation. A person may have to wait for 2 years to get the invitation because, for this much length of time, his EOI is still at a stage to be considered.


The time which is needed also depends on how many members are still needed for your occupation as per the state occupation lists. These lists are eligible once a candidate has put his application for the 190 visa for any state.

So,  when a candidate has occupations listed in different lists, he can get an from many states. So, he does not have to wait much time for getting an invitation.

This is the reason why candidates are now willing to go for the 190 visa which selects candidates based on the necessity of manpower in some occupations in states as compared to the 189 visa which targets all the states. There are 8 states in Australia and the candidates can apply in any of these states based on the occupations listed in STSOL. These eight states are Tasmania, Australian Capital territory, new South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, Western Australia and northern territory.

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