Germany job seeker visa

Pros and Cons of Getting a Germany Job Seeker Visa

Germany has become the ideal destination for people when its concerning employment. The labor that has degrees in IT is looking forward to finding a job through the Germany job seeker visa and immigrate here because of so many automotive and IT companies located here. Did you know that the  IT company of SAP has its headquarters here?

No employment required:

The best benefit of the Germany job seeker visa is that it no prior offer of employment from Germany is required to avail of this visa. Unlike other visas, where you need to show that you have an employee in the designated country of immigration, this is not the case with this visa.

Ample time spent in Germany:

The next important advantage of this job search visa Germany is that since you are in this country for a duration of 6 months, you have ample time to get in touch with the culture and the language of this country. This helps you in taking the decision whether you would like to opt for the permanent residency of this country. During the duration of the visa, apart from looking for a job, you can also polish your German language skills.

Success in finding a job:

Since you are in the country, you can appear for face-to-face interviews with the employers rather than appearing for skype based interviews which happen in case you are applying for jobs from outside Germany.  Once your job search is successful, you can become a temporary resident of this country through the EU blue card.

Disadvantages of the Germany job seeker visa

Tough to get it:

It’s not so easy to get this visa. Only professionals in science, technology, engineering and medical backgrounds are eligible to obtain it. It’s also tough to find jobs in this country if you don’t have experience of 3-5 years. That is to say, jobs in Germany can be searched through this visa only by these types of professionals. The assessment by ZAB of your educational certificates also costs you money which can get waste if you don’t end up finding work.

It approximately costs a candidate 200 euros(Rs 16,000) to get an assessment of his first certification i.e. his graduation degree. 100 euros are again required if you want to get your master’s degree assessed too.

Now, the success rate of you finding work in Germany on the basis of this visa depends majorly on your knowledge of the German language. So, before leaving India on this visa, make sure you have learned German until the B2 level for clearing interviews. Chances are you might not understand what the interviewer is saying without learning this much German.

The B2 level of German corresponds to being able to hold discussions with people. So, learning this much German requires two months. And then you have to appear for an exam of 2 and a half hours duration also to get the certification.

You can get the Germany job seeker visa only after clearing the embassy interview. The entire procedure takes time of 2-4 months.

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