Be Prudent or You Might Miss an Opportunity

More and more people are moving to Canada. The trend of going abroad has significantly increased in past few years. Whether for holiday, work, education or permanent residency, people are moving to Canada.

If you are applying for permanent resident Canadian visa then you have to be very careful in everything. You cannot afford to do even a slight mistake. Any error will take you far from your dream of going to Canada. Below are some important points that you should keep in mind.

Keep the Copies of Your Documents

Just keep the complete copies of whatever you deposit to CIC for your records. It is important that you know what your application for permanent residency possessed and said. I case you are demanded to attend an interview or CIC is questioning you something, it is crucial that you know what your application carried when you filled it.

Properly follow the Checklist of CIC

Make sure that you go through and understand every word of that checklist so that you know exactly what they are searching for. Make sure that you have included everything they are demanding if it is applicable to you. You can also mention about additional documents if you think that your application needs them to prove that you must granted permanent residence. Remember that the onus is on the applicant to prove that they fulfil the needs of a program.

Keep track of expiry date on your passport

Applications can get delayed or denied because the candidate has failed to notice that their passport is out of date or is going to be out of date imminently. Don’t be the one of such stupid who makes such type of elementary error.

Avoid using Staples

It is much better if you use paper clips or binder clips to grip your application together. When CIC receives an application they drill the hole in the upper left-hand corner of documents and insert a fastener to hold application together. It becomes really frustrating them when they have to remove a handful of staples. So, the point is that try to make easy on these fellows after all you are going to impress them. It won’t be great if you frustrate your officials and they lose their interest in your application or given documents.

Avoid Gaps

CIC want to know where you have been, what is the reason that you were there, and did you go there just for a holiday?You shall also have to supply a full employment and study history (if valid). Gaps in the time are considered as incomplete applications and can delay or hinder your whole application. So, it is certainly better that you make sure that there are no gaps. It is in your hand to ensure the probability of getting your application approved.


Thus, the bottom line is that once you have successfully got Canadian PR visa, the path will be rosy for you. So, make sure you take all the measures and precautions to ensure that your application gets approved.

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