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Riding The Entrepreneur Stream Into Nova Scotia,Canada

Nova Scotia is a Canadian province. Canada, while being one of the biggest offshore destinations for young entrepreneurs, is also a hub of Indian migrants. It offers not only tremendous growth opportunity but also a scope for living a life full of open prospects. There is a lot be achieved if you manage to find a footing here in this country. There are various ways that people adopt for finding an inroad into the nation. If you are someone with sufficient financial backing and interested in owning a business of your own in the nation, the province of Nova Scotia holds great promise. Additionally, you will also avail the Nova Scotia entrepreneur stream for getting the status of a permanent resident.

Immigration into another country:

The entrepreneur stream is one of the most popular options provided by multiple nations the world across for granting admission to prospective applicants. This application is by invitation only. You have to be in command and control of the business for a minimum time period of twelve month before you can become eligible. There are some additional financial and job related qualifications that are mandatory for it.


  • You must be a minimum of 21 years of age or above. Falling under the limit of this, you will be treated as a minor.
  • For moving into Nova Scotia, you have to display a desire to remain permanently in the area and actively manage a business there.
  • The minimum net worth of all your holdings should be at least 600,000 CAD.
  • The business that you operates or want to invest in should be valued at a minimum of 150,000 CAD in the province of Nova Scotia.
  • Your work experience should consist of having a minimum of 3 years of operation in a business that you have a 1/3rd ownership in. Alternatively, you should have more than 5 years experience in a senior management role at a firm. These are to assess your managerial capability and whether or not you will be able to handle the operation of a business.
  • There is also a minimum of 5 that you have to secure on the language benchmark. You should be able to read, write, speak and comprehend either of the two languages: English or French.
  • There is also an online form known as the Expression of Interest that is mandatory. Canadian immigration authority wishes to know the purpose of your move and decide the authenticity behind it.
  • For moving into the territory of Nova Scotia, you have to receive an application from their district of immigration. Only then will you become eligible.

Online Portal:

There is a list of minimum score individuals who were invited for immigration. If you have any doubt about your beating the minimum, you can go to the online portal and check your eligibility. The online window is maintained all times of the day for ease of prospective immigrants.

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