Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot

What is the Rural and Northern Immigration pilot program? Open for application from 1st November 2019

The rural and northern immigration pilot program is a community-driven program. It is specially designed to spread the benefits of economic immigration to smaller communities. Canada has opened up new jobs and immigration opportunities. The Canada PR visa process aspirants just need to receive a job offer from a community that is a part of the Regional and Northern immigration pilot program. Most of these communities will start opening up applications for their jobs in 2020. However, right now, 3 communities, are going to open up their job application process on November 1. These communities have their online portals and you can even apply for jobs through Linkedin or

Once your job offer from an employer in these communities is approved, you can move ahead with your application. The major areas whose job application programs are set to open from November 1, 2019, are Greater Sudbury, Sault Ste. Marie(Ontario), Brandon(Manitoba), Manitoba Ltd(including the 5 regions of Gretna, Altona, Rhineland, Plum Coulee In Manitoba), and Thunder Bay. All these regions have their various occupation lists to which an aspiring visa aspirant can apply for a job.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

The immigrants don’t need to rush because the immigration pilot program is for a long time from 1st November to 2022 after which they cant apply for it. There are also however requirements for IELTS for different kinds of job applicants. They must have a score of CLB 6 in English for a NOC code 0 or A kind of profile, NOC code B kind of profile(CLB 5), or NOC code C or D kind of profile(CLB 4).

Once you are selected for a job in any one of these regions and have the required IELTS score, you can proceed to get sponsorship from the economic development organization of that particular region. This recommendation is not easy to score and depends on whether the visa aspirant has long-term intentions to live here. He must also have an association with the province. This implies he must have gotten some post-secondary education from the sponsoring community or have worked in the same occupation in India.

Why live in these communities

These communities are looking for skilled labor. So, you can be of a lot of use in such regions. Apart from that, since they don’t have much population and only have 50,000-2,00,000 living there, there is a peaceful ambiance.

How to live in these communities?

Settlement funds are an important part of getting this recommendation. These funds depend on how many people are immigrating to the community. If only 1 person is getting there, the requirement of funds is 8,722 CAD. For two people, this requirement of funds is not less than 10,858 CAD. This is how the recommending community decides your willingness to live there. You can get all the information about the Canada PR visa process for such communities through us. To show such proof of funds, you need to meet different requirements such as bank account statements with these many funds or stocks and bonds of this much worth. You can even use traveler’s cheques of this much worth to prove how you can live here.

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