PR of Australia

What is the score band in IELTS needed to get PR of Australia?

Score of 6 is adequate for 60 points

The need for the IELTS Exam in Australia is there as much as you have to score 6 in this exam. There won’t be any problems if you get this much score. However, you need to get higher than this score once you don’t have the adequate points for the other criteria of the Australia immigration (189 visas) so that you can get 60 in your immigration score.

The candidate should have the appropriate knowledge of the English language once he needs to survive in Australia after immigration. Moreover, this knowledge is necessary to have the immigration of this country happen to you because the Department of Home Affairs also looks at, the, English level knowledge for your immigration score.

The score of 6 in English test of IELTS for the immigration is enough once you have, the graduation or post graduation degree from your country of origin(15 points), age is between 25-32 years(30 points) and already have a work experience of eight to 10 years(15 points) as recognized by the concerned skill evaluation organization.

There is also the need for having a good score on the English exam of IELTS because once you are in Australia, not knowing the language will make you a handicap. You will have to talk to all Australians in this language because there nobody uses Hindi.

You will have difficulty even conveying your basic thoughts to others in Australia, without knowing English properly.

When a score of more than 6 is needed?

These conditions might not simultaneously hold true for everyone and once any one of these conditions does not hold; the immigration score goes below 60.

So, in that case, the requirement of scoring more than 6 in the 4 IELTS bands is there, so that your immigration score is not less than 60. If you are not willing to appear for IELTS, the next option is to appear for another exam instead of IELTS like the PTE
(Academic) exam, the TOEFL(ibt), OET(Occupational English Test) or the CAE(Cambridge English: advanced). But in this exam, also good scores are needed, which implies 50 in all the four bands(equal to 6 in IELTS) and 75 once you aspire for “proficient English”(equal to 7 in IELTS) levels.

What about the IELTS requirement as per the 190 visa?

There are requirements in the visa nomination lists for different occupations in every state. As per these states, these requirements should be the priority of every candidate. Once you choose to apply under the 190 visa you have to select a state in which you want to stay down. The application for the 190 visa, requires the candidates to have the IELTS score which is mandatory as per the state requirements to which they seek immigration. For example, the state of Victoria requires the immigrant veterinarians to have “proficient English”(7 in IELTS) levels if they want to settle down here.

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