Canada Tourist Visa

What is the simplest way to get a visa to Canada?

Well, the ways to get a visa to Canada is through the express entry. You can get all the arrangements, done for this visa, through a consultant who knows all the details extraordinarily well. 

The Canada visa can be taken by an individual in the following ways:

  • Working holiday visa: This visa is meant for people belonging to certain countries only. However, this visa is a beneficial visa in the sense that it’s a work visa which does not require any kind of employer to sponsor you. Employer sponsorship is not a mandatory condition for this visa. This kind of visa is easier to avail in the sense that it does, require any IELTS exam also. All you need is the requirement of funds which are equal to 2,500 CAD for this visa.
  1. Apart from that, another condition, that the visa aspirant should have, is to be young i.e. his age should not be more than 35.
  2. The aspirant should also have, a medical insurance policy to meet any emergency expenses which can happen if he gets the visa and he is in Canada.
  3. The candidate should know that he is eligible to apply when any country starts accepting the applications for this visa. A country accepts applications for this visa at different times for different categories of applicants.
  4. The visa holder gets the chance to stay and work in various parts of Canada.
  • Tourist visa: Canada has a tourist visa for those who desire to be here for some months only. Now, this visa when granted can allow you to visit this country any times you desire during the long period of 10 years. However, at any visit, your time of stay should not be more than 6 months.
  • Study visa: This visa is a necessity for those who want to pursue their studies in this country. The study visa of this country is available to those, who have the admission in any university of this country. Not just any university, but one which is encompassed in the prestigious Designated Learning Institutions list of this country.

This visa is also granted to anyone who also has a mandatory score in IELTS of 5.5 apart from the admission.

Then, a simple online application form is to be filled and provided for this visa. This form is known as the IMM 1294.

The candidate needs to, however, have 10,000 CAD invested by him in a GIC(Guaranteed investment certificate) to show that there will be no dearth of funds with him to take care of his expenses when he is in Canada.

  • Express entry visa: This visa is an excellent visa provided that you have the attributes. This visa is excellent because you can reside here forever on this visa in Canada. The Canadian authorities grant this visa to someone who has created a express entry application. Once his application is processed and he has qualified with the requirements, then he gets shortlisted for the invitation to apply. All the attributes of the candidate are assessed as per the comprehensive ranking system and he is given the points.

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