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What are the Stages from EAOR to PPR in express entry for PR in Canada?

The permanent resident Canadian visa process requires candidates to submit all his documents. Once the candidate has received his ITA from the CIC, then the next stage is about the submission of documents. So, let’s get to know what happens once you get your ITA?

After the candidate submits his eAPR, he gets eAOR twice. The candidate the has to file his application for permanent residence online which is known as eAPR within 90 days of getting the ITA.

Once his application for permanent residence is filed, then he will get an online acknowledgment of receipt (eAOR )from the CIC. Now, this AOR will be delivered through your email. This AOR will guide you about what to do next. It will give you the address of the specific visa office in your native country, where the documents are to be submitted.

So, in case of Indian citizens, this visa office is in Delhi. Now, you are supposed to submit all your documents to this office and after the receipt, this concerned visa office also sends you an Acknowledgement of Receipt online(eAOR). You have to remember, that to get this eAOR, you need to make the document submission in a time span of 120 days after you get the 1st AOR from CIC. Now, Nile Migration helps you file all these documents enlisted below necessary for your permanent resident Canadian visa.

  • Results of the medical exam for which you appeared. For the medical checkup, all panel doctors are allowed. The medical reports which are generated as a result of these tests are provided by the hospital directly to the visa office.
  • After your medical check has been approved there will be a request for your background check. This background check is mandatory and includes submission of police clearance certificate taken in India.
  • Preparation for the interview if needed. The candidate may also need to submit his fingerprints for biometric checks.
  • The candidates need to show documents like the letter of employment at this time also.
  • He may also be asked to give evidence of the finances held by him which are necessary to immigrate to this country.

The last stage is the PPR which is the passport request. This implies that your passport is needed for the stamping of the visa. The request for the passport are conveyed through email.

These stages of the PNP visa take a longer time than the same for the express entry applications.

It takes almost 3 months for this entire procedure to complete in case of the application for the permanent resident Canadian visa through the express entry. The time may be even more for PNP’S where the time for the PPR to arrive is 5-6 months. Anyways, Nile Migration is at all the stages with you to help you go through the entire procedure.

Nile Migration also helps you keep track of your eAPR so that you know what the status of the submission of your PR application is. Since there is always a file number that is sent to the candidate when he gets his first AOR, its simple for him to know what is happening with his PR file. Everything is done electronically and things are quite sorted now in as far as processing of the permanent resident Canadian visa is concerned.

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