family immigration to Canada

Stay With Your Family Members in Canada via family Visa

Canada is one of the richest and highly popular countries in the world. This country is known for its living standards and economy as well. If you want to move to Canada, take up any Canadian visa among the following visas- permanent residence visa, student visa, express entry visa, visitor visa, working holiday visa and more.

You struggle in life to achieve something good for your family and spouse. So, you want your spouse, family and relatives to live and share the beautiful journey of life together.

The government of Canada grants permission to the individuals to sponsor family, spouse and close relatives to come and stay with you in the country.

If you are willing to bring your family in Canada then for this you need to fulfill family immigration to Canada eligibility requirements.

The eligibility requirements for you to sponsor-

  • It is mandatory that the sponsor must be 18 years old in age.
  • He must have the permanent residency in the country or Canadian citizenship.
  • You must have sufficient funds to support the family members and other close relatives in the initial time.
  • Furthermore, this time period can continue for ten years. It is totally relying upon the relationship you have with your family members.
  • If you have sponsored someone in the past few years and that person has achieved financial support from the government of Canada after the immigration. In that case, you can sponsor any other person who is close to you.

Eligibility criteria for your spouse-

  • Your spouse must be 18 years old.
  • As according to the law, he/she must have the legal married relationship.
  • Must have marriage certificate which is issued by the state government.
  • Your spouse should not have any kind of health issues or any other criminal convictions as well.

Eligibility criteria for your dependent child-

  • Your child should be under the age of 22 and should not have spouse as well.
  • If your child is above 22 years then there are two conditions- he/she should never studying in Canada for full time and either financially dependent on the parents.
  • If the child is below the age of 22 and have a spouse then should study here fifth full time or dependent on the parents since becoming the common law partner or spouse.
  • The child with physical and mental health conditions comes under this category.

Eligibility requirements for close relatives-

  • Relatives should be under the age of 18 who are unmarried, have a common law relation or orphaned.
  • Under the particular conditions, individuals can sponsor a close relative with any relationship or age.
  • If you want to sponsor any of your relative with any age group then you must require having common law partner or no living spouse. This procedure is only accessible when you don’t have any family member or close relative as well.

To acquire family visa to Canada you need to fulfill all the requirements mentioned above. If you fulfill the family visa requirements properly then you will surely get family visa.

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