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What Step-By-Step Process Should I Follow to File a Canadian Pr Application Without Any External Help from a Consultant?

If you are opting to get Canada immigration, yourself, then a little tedious task lies before you which involves doing everything as per the procedural needs.

Now, let’s get to know what to do you have to do exactly:

  • Registration on the website:

    First, register yourself on the website. This account is useful to proceed further.

  • Fill the form for express entry:

    Then the next step after signing is to know which Express Entry procedure you are exactly applicable to as per your age, education and the work experience you are holding in India or different nations. There is a form on the Express entry page which asks for your particulars. To make sure that this form is submitted, you need to enter the various details asked for. After taking in all the details from you, the form then provides you with a document checklist which includes all the documents required to be uploaded.

  • Get the documents in order:

    Now, the next step is to arrange for all the documents. Since only the scanned copies of these documents can be uploaded, it’s better to create the scanned versions through a scanner. The following is the list of the various documents that can be needed by you:

  1. Test results of language exams like IELTS:

    A candidate who is applying for Canada immigration should have taken this General Training option of test not long ago before putting up his visa application. Since the Express Entry system is a point-based system, the candidates can get good points of 68 or 92 if your score is equal to CLB 8 or the standard CLB 7 which means 6 in all the IELTS bands. Below this is not acceptable for Canada immigration under the categories of Canada Experience Class and Federal Skilled Worker.

  2. Prospective job in Canada:

    The next documentary requirement is the OFFER OF EMPLOYMENT from any Canadian employer. This kind of offer is very valuable because it can get you immense 600 points under the Comprehensive ranking system.

  3. Approval of PNP:

    If you had filed a PNP for any of the provinces of Canada, and it has been approved, you also have to show the ITA(invitation to apply) because it also implies 600 points.

  4. Proof of reasonable finance:

    Canada government requires that candidates coming to its country under the Canada immigration should have enough funds to meet all the expenditures which can happen during their residence in this country. Anyways this proof of funds is only required if there is no employment offer for you in Canada. Also, applicable in case of those candidates who can’t work during while holding their Canada PR. These funds are to be mandatorily shown in the bank account of someone who is immigrating to this country either under the Federal Skilled Trades or the Federal skilled trades program but doesn’t have a prospective job in this country.

  5. This funds that are required to be shown also depends on the people in your family who are coming with you to Canada. The amount of funds which should be in your account if you are only bringing one person with you is CAD $12,474. However, for 2 applicants this amount increases to CAD, 15,530.
  6. Educational credential assessment:

    Last, but not the least, get your Educational credential assessment done. For people holding a master’s degree from their native land, 135 points are applicable under the CRS for Canada immigration. ECA can only be done by any agency which has received validation for the same by IRCC(Immigration, refugees, and Citizenship Canada).

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