Super Visa For Parents And Grandparents

If grandparents and parents wish to relocate to Canada to stay close to their grandchildren and children, they can do so using the Super Visa program. Earlier, the Parent and Grandparent Sponsorship Immigration Program (PGP) was quite popular until it closed down.

The Super Visa will let individuals eligible to a number of entries to the country in a span of 10 years. The major difference between visitor visa and Super Visa is that the latter allows a stay for two years maximum on initial entry. But, in the span of 10 years, the status period will be of six months per entry.

The Super Visa program was launched in the year 2011. Since then, about 90,000 visas have been issued through this program out of which 40% grants were given to Indian citizens. Other nationalities that dominate this visa program are China, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Pakistan. Though, it is important to know that this Super Visa program has no special requirements for different nationalities.

Introducing Super Visa is known to be an extremely successful initiative taken by the previous Canadian government as it lets families living outside of Canada to come closer easily without much hassle.

How Is Super Visa Different From PGP?
Permanent residents will be eligible to avail the public health care while working in Canada, but people staying in Canada under the Super Visa will not be allowed to work. They should also own a private health insurance to cover them during their stay in the country.

The application process involved in Super Visa is quite straightforward and quicker than it used to be for PGP. Though it slightly depends on the nationality and the visa office where the application is processed, the normal processing time is close to two months. The income requirements are not very stringent under this program which used to be 30 percent higher in case of PGP which was spread for a period of three years unlike Super Visa program which is only for a year.

In the PDP program, a registration period was present where potential sponsors have to submit a form called “Interest to Sponsor” before the immigration. A portion of the applicants were selected randomly by the Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) group. This meant that only 10,000 sponsors would actually apply from a pool of 95,000 who submitted the form.

The Immigration Level Plan of 2017 welcomes 20,000 parents and grandparents to settle in Canada. It has helped to reduce the backlog that was existing and workon more applications. In some cases, candidates having a Super Visa will be eligible of being sponsored for permanent residency under the PGP.

Eligibility for Super Visa
● You must have a grandchild or child having Canadian permanent residency or citizenship living in Canada.
● You have to submit a written commitment of having financial support from your grandchild or child meeting the Minimum Necessary Income criteria for Super Visa.
● You have to buy a medical insurance of Canada which is valid for at least a year.
● You have to be admissible to Canada on medical, criminal, or other grounds.

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