EB5 investor visa

Why Is There a Surge in the Demand for the Eb-5 Investor Visas in India?

There is a huge surge in the number of Indians who are willing to invest in the US economy to get EB5 investor visa. This is because this visa offers a provisional green card for a period of 2 years and a permanent green card after that. There is the easiest way to get PR in US. Also, there is no requirement of education to get this visa. The aim of such investment is to maintain an increased number of employees for 2 years, upto 10.

The commercial enterprise may or may not be a part of a regional center. The employment created by the investor can be in the enterprise itself or in those enterprises which have come into origin as a result of this enterprise.

The government has a higher return on this investment made under EB5 visa equivalent to 8% of the amount invested. This is much more than the returns offered on funds invested in India. Also, the returns on funds invested in US for a 5 five period is 5%. The EB5 investor visa program is controlled by USCIS. It has the purpose of bringing more growth to the economy of US by increasing the numbers of those employed. The investors don’t need to handle the capital invested by them directly. Instead the regional centres manages the funds invested. Under this investment cum PR scheme, the investors need to put their funds in a commercial enterprise which can be a sole proprietorship, partnership or a public limited company.

The numbers are proving that the Indian investors who got this visa was 149 in the year 2016 which was twice the number of such recipients in 2012. There is an  increase in such numbers is also because of the college students increasing in US. These college students are from India and cant find employment there due to which they are interested in investment route through the EB-5 visa. Currently, a 9 year time period is required before you can be allowed to immigrateto US on the EB-2 advanced degree visa.  Also, the Trump government has revised the H1-B visa program increasing the salary limit for this visa due to which Indians cant immigrate to US on an employment visa that easily.

There is also a waiting time period for the EB-3 skilled worker category visa. This time period is of 11 years for new applicants. Two categories of immigrants are eligible under the EB-3 skilled worker category

  • Skilled Workers-Anyone who is applicable for this visa category should have an experience of 2 years or a training of the same duration.
  • Professionals-The second category is of professionals who have professional degree from US or from any other country. Since all these people cant immigrate to US anymore, they are also opting for the EB5 investor visa.

The Indian entrepreneurs also want to take their kids along with them to the US for their education. As a matter of fact, the strength of students in US born in India has increased 5 times in the time gap from 1997 to 2015. Its because US college study is attracting more and more Indian students. And since the EB5 visa does not need any employer to sponsor the immigration candidate like the H1-B visa, there is an increasing demand for it. The country of India has also experienced a high growth rate with its GDP grown at 7.2 % in the year 2017. So lot of investment opportunities coming from here for the EB-5 visa.

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