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Take Expert Help for immigration to Canada from Oman

Canada & Oman share the common goals in relation to the international peace, social development and economic development. Both the countries place their higher priority in education and every year Oman government offers the scholarship to citizens for studying easily in the Canada. If you are also an Omani and planning for immigration to Canada from Oman, then the nearby regional Canada embassy is located in the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and can offer helpful info & guidance on how you can migrate. The community of Omani in Canada has steadily grown in number, as more & more people immigrate in hopes to find economic stability and opportunity.

Federal skilled worker

One of the pathways through which the Omanis can select for immigrating to Canada is only through program of the Federal skilled worker. Well, this is one of the ways through which the individual can select for migrating. The program of federal skilled worker comes in the subcategories of immigration which falls under large express entry category. While it is the common one among the migrants of Omani, some other programs which falls under the express entry are Federal skilled trade program, Canadian experience class, PNP as provincial nominee program. Based on the qualifications of the immigrant, all of them prove as viable pathway for receiving the permanent residence.

Family sponsorship

One can also be eligible for migrating as entrepreneur or investor. For determining best program and the visa for all, it can be helpful for all that they must get in touch with the expert for immigrating from Oman to Canada. One such program is also the family sponsorship which states that immigrants with the relatives that are citizen or the Canada permanent residents, can select for migrating under this program. Therefore, having family member as parent, child, grandparent, or even the spouse already in Canada can help in improving chances of successful process of immigration.

Get in touch with the immigration specialist for easy immigration to Canada from Oman. Some of the key features of these visas are as,

  • It acts as permanent residence visa
  • As permanent residence, you can be eligible for the education for children, medicare, and the access to social security payment
  • Holder is also permitted for remaining in the Canada
  • If you are wishing for travelling, then it is five years of the multiple entry visa
  • You must retain the PR or turn as the Canadian citizen. For retaining the PR, you should stay in the Canada for around 2 years out of 5 years

Contact the experts for easy immigration from Oman to Canada. All of them have complete competency level in making and submitting complete and the error free application to concerned authority. They also abide strictly with time frame and the process application at low turnaround time. They assist successful applicants for processing statutory licensing, registration, membership and more. Get all information about the permanent visa from Oman to Canada. Take the necessary help from experts for hassle free services.

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