visitor VISA subclass 600

Temporary Parent Visa For Australia

Want to stay with your child in Australia for some more time? We have good news. You can start applying for visitor Visa for Australia from 1 July, 2017 online. Let us see the advantages that the parents can have and more detailed information regarding it.

Benefits of Applying Online

  • 24/7 accessibility.
  • Check the status of applications lodged online.
  • Electronic payment of the visa application charge.

It can also be completed by a travel agent, family member there in Australia or VFS, contracted visa application centre if the applicant allows to. The applications and documents are readily available in the processing office which makes processing times of the Visas less.

Information About The Visa

The visitor VISA subclass 600 allows you to visit Australia for business visitor activities or tourism. Tourism includes recreation, holidays, seeing friends or family. Business visit includes negotiation, attending a conference, or an exploratory business visit.
Any informal study or training for 3 months or less also comes under Visitor VISA.

If your child is a permanent resident in Australia, you can apply for Longer Visitor visas wherein there are two cases
1) If you fall under  Parent (subclass 103) visa queue, you can stay upto 12 months on each entry and the visa is valid for 5 years.
2) If you aren’t in Parent visa queue, you can stay for 12 months per entry and visa will be valid for 3 years.

Requirements for the Visa

Who are eligible for applying?
Parents wanting to visit their child or family can apply for it.
Anyone wanting to visit Australia for a  sightseeing,holiday.

Criteria :
Applicants should genuinely be intending for  temporary stay in Australia. They shouldn’t be visiting Australia for business deals or medical treatment. They need to have adequate means for  supporting  themselves. They should satisfy health and character requirements.

Where to Apply?

Online lodgement is preferred by the government. Include your email account along with the application and lodge online through ImmiAccount.
Don’t click on  ‘The applicant does not agree to electronic communication’.
You can also apply via VFS Global which is Australian Visa Application Centre.

What happens after Application?

Processing Time : The documents need some time to be processed. It depends on the factors like :

  • All necessary documents are provided or not.
  • Responding to requests for additional informations.
  • Time taken to complete checking informations on the documents.
  • Receiving additional informations on health, national security and character.
  • Places available in Migration Program.
  • Decision to refuse or grant your Visa.

Return Of Documents : If you lodge via application centre, the original documents will be returned at the counter and copied of it will be asked to be provided.

Documents required

  • A coloured ,high resolution scan copy of your current passport, including the bio data page, alterations page and back page of the passport.
  • If any passports were held previously, include copies of the biodata page, alterations page, back page and all used pages of the old passport.
  • If application was submitted at VFS, your passport should be brought to be sighted and scanned.
  • National identity card (such as an Aadhaar card).
  • One recent passport-sized photograph (45 mm x 35 mm) : head and shoulders only against a plain background and The name should be printed at the backside.
  • Purpose of Visit.
  • Financial Documents
  • Employment Details
  • Health and Character documents
  • Children younger than 18 years of age :
    Consent authorising their travel to Australia from any non-accompanying parent, copies of the parents’ passports to be included or self attested official documents.

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