Is there any such thing ‘Work Permit’? Find out here!

Are you planning to settle abroad?Do you think that such a decision will open up new horizons for you? Well, in the case yes, then you might be thinking about talking to an immigration company, right? Of course, follow your dreams and desires but don’t get blurred on the way!

Immigration desires to other countries might well turn out to be a nightmare. Forgetting to practice prudence, many aspiring immigrants can be taken for a drive that can cost them heavy, hard-earned money. It has been seen that scamsters follow the official procedure of Canadian work permit issue in such a beautiful manner that there remains no room for doubt them. Many times, the link of company such fraud company’s mail carried ‘.ca’ extension. Not just this, when people try to call them, they get a reply in French or other languages.

Has an Immigration company promised you a too good to be real Canada Job Offer?Caution!

Everybody is working hard at getting a better job and attaining a better lifestyle. There are people who are even willing to switch countries to make their dreams come true. Every single year thousands of people hire the services of immigration companies which promise them quick Visas and a well-paid Canada Job Offer. It is unfortunate that most of the people sign up in the absence of any due diligence. And finally, they, later on, repent on ruined dreams, unfilled promises and burnt savings in the shape of fees to these fraud immigration companies.

Developing countries like India cater ample scope for such overseas companies andmanpower recruitment consultants, who vigorously sell a Canada Job Offer with visa letters. The market is still loose, and such a thing allows them say whatever they wish to trap gullible individuals into their trap. They cater fascinating salaries, guaranteed jobs, sure visas, and even free accommodations. All this is done simply to lure clients.

OMG! 457 Visa categoriesfor Australia haverecently been banned for Indians!

Recently, a decision has been taken to stop 457 Visa categories for Australia for India. Of course, visas shall surely affect the job prospects mainly in the semi-skilled sector. Actually, the 457 visa is the commonest visa for Australian or overseas employers for sponsoring expert overseas workers to work temporarily in Australia.

This decision of Australian Government to cease 457 job visas is going to affect immigrants working in Australia and students to get employment visa there. It is unfortunate that this decision has been taken after the recent visit of Prime Minister of Australia to India.

More than ninety-five thousand numbers of 457 visas are issued annually out of which more than sixty percent are Indians. In recent times, because of visa problems with US and UK, students chose Australia for skilled jobs. Some of the possible sectors are engineering, shipping, mining, logistics, computer science, retail, advanced IT and agribusiness. Indian Universities have a research partnership with more than twenty Australian Universities.

The modifications related to 457 visas apparently indicate that Australians prefer their natives for these skilled job visas. Students from India looking for potential employment sector can go for high-skilled sector rather than semi-skilled sector. The same condition prevails in the United States and the UK.

So, whatever you do, do it with diligence!

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