Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for a Working Holiday Visa for Canada

Are you thinking about travelling to Canada and making a few dollars while in roaming the beautiful landscape of the country? Well, what was impossible just a few decades ago, is possible today thanks to a holiday and work permit issued by the Canadian Embassy.

But before you get all excited about this visa for a working holiday to Canada there are some very crucial points that you need to keep in mind. Here’s a list of all the things that you have to specifically take note of before going ahead with the application process and starting to plan your work cum fun trip to Canada:

  1. If this idea of a working holiday visa to Canada sounds like a good option to you and you wish to apply for it, then first check out the list of countries with which Canada has this understanding. There are more than 30 countries, whose citizens are eligible for this permit, so you need to first check that out and see whether you are a resident of one of those countries or not.
  2. If your country falls within the list, then the next thing that you need to find out is whether you are eligible for this visa or not. There are certain factors on which your eligibility will depend, like age, employment status and if you belong to one of the recognized organizations by the Canadian government. Technical details apart, if you are ready to travel to more than one place within the country and are okay with working for more than one employer and earn a few bucks, during your trip Canada, then only should you apply for this work permit.
  3. Once you see that you fit the above mention criteria, the next step is the application process. In order for you to be able to apply for a canadian working holiday visa Australia you need to first express your interest in applying for this visa with the embassy and only if they send you an invitation to apply for it can you start the application process.
  4. The application process goes step by step. Right after receiving an invitation, you have to keep in mind that you will have only 10 days to decide whether you want to accept it or not. From the date on which you receive the invitation, you will have only 20 days to fill up your online application form and then submit it. A number of important documents related to both your official as well as professional details and pictures will need to be provided in order to complete the application form. It is best to have all your documents scanned and ready before you start the application process.
  5. There are various IEC pools that you can apply for depending on the kind of job that you want to do. Each pool has a fee structure that needs to be paid along with the submission of the application, for your application to be acceptable.

These are a few basic pointers that are extremely crucial for your successful application for a holiday cum work permit in Canada. Do keep these in mind.

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